local portal development of hot air, the newspaper media want to share a cup of soup, on this platform, money, information information, the authority is the local newspaper media publicity, it is handy, just remember to contact the local portal, specially consult an expert network —Itbulu, according to its said, local newspapers have many locally established classification information site, a little processing, if it is a local portal, the XX himself crowned as the largest local local portal site seems like a real, in fact, the development of the local portal site, also need to the leader with his leadership thought, really care, to be successful, Itbulu, the unit set up local portal, began to develop beyond a certain People and team sites, but in the long run, personal local portals are more durable, and less likely to be defeated.

on the network with many local portal owners exchange experience, according to the owners said, before development, will meet the same problem, the first is the local newspaper media to create the local portal site began to appear hand shrouded, as long as the darkest period through it, the better development of the local portal site will become more and more popular, this is why? Summarizes some experience to share with you:

1, local newspapers founded the portal, mostly under the banner of the website, the information portal of the audit than personal site audit strict conditions, more information is required to display after the audit, from this point of view, highlighting such portal flexibility is insufficient, lack of timeliness.

2, this site is the latest information, the weight is relatively high, there are advantages will have shortcomings, the most prominent drawback is that users in this portal site comment on news of the restriction level is very high, can not immediately display the comments are needed after the administrator audit showed that guard type is too high the portal site, starting from the psychological point of view, will never be trusted, became very heavy, began to retain popularity, behind the long past?


at the end of the day, but now many are and have created the local portal site, now you may not be successful, many factors to suppress, but please do not give up, do hard every day on the details of things, certainly will succeed one day, as long as you on the site to pay the blood, heart care your site of healthy growth, always see the sunny clouds aside.

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