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station, but I didn’t have what achievement, the world has finally decided to do a forum. The beginning is positioned as a local community college is also called the name of university government. The Forum on line fast promotion operation is difficult, the largest local forum is actually Baidu Post Bar, how people don’t work (publicity money is another matter) you also see my Baidu Post Bar delete posts. Ah, this year is the webmaster to there is a fear of being hurt. For about 100 days, has been ineffective, Baidu is included, but the daily traffic is not much. At last. Since Post Bar can achieve greatly discerning and apprehending, I also do what is resolved to the revision of the.


made up his mind to edit it, I hid or merged all the previous sections, focused on music, mood and film and television reviews. Made Internet cafe. I’m sure I can do.


but the actual situation is worse than before, the first time found no direction do stop, do not know exactly what should be done. I often and my familiar friend, how should universities or for what to do, the answer, but I really don’t know how to do.10 days can change the title 4 times Baidu, on my right down. Make me very depressed, the more depressed is I want to change the title now. Oh, it’s hard to operate community.

has not been successful, with this relationship? Is I not enough to adhere to, or positioning continues to be wrong? Well, continue to do it, at least 100 days unchanged,.

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