site visibility is very important, Baidu spider love celebrity. He love to celebrity house. So to improve the visibility, also can indirectly improve the Baidu ranking. After more than a year of actual combat, do more than a year of secretary chowder network webmaster, for Baidu ranking also has some understanding.

first, in a well-known website to appear more, your site was a big family included, natural reputation is the same. According to my observation, Baidu spider has a habit, he will seriously consider your site frequency on other sites, for a period of time, I wrote many articles about secretarial chowder network in stationmaster net, very happy, then secretarial chowder network was K, so by writing, and then by other websites. And this effect is very obvious, in a month’s time, my secretarial chowder network by Baidu reincluding, included, has been ranked in front, also has a Baidu third, in the hundreds of thousands of websites secretarial talent shows itself. Therefore, it is recommended to lower ranking webmaster, mostly in the webmaster network hair article, this effect is very useful. Write a proposal experience for a week, I have.

two is a website article, don’t be afraid to turn, afraid to copy. For a long time, I have not set online membership level restrictions, a lot of copy my secretarial chowder network of the people, the heart also was not angry, then no way, find these sites do link, I also have no time to go to court. But that is when many websites copy my article, my Baidu ranking is the highest. Later, the membership system was established, but the ranking of the websites went down all the way. Then consider other stations in the copy, the residence time must be long, Baidu believes that other users on your site for such a long time, will think your station is very valuable, so long time traffic, Baidu will naturally increase the weight of your site. So your article is Baidu included, you can give up the membership, the article released to the public, so there are other sites to copy will increase the weight of your site, of course, you can set some links on the site in the article that, for you do not consciously plagiarist website added chain.

three is not throw garbage chain. We have some new webmaster, first, in order to improve the site weight, mass links, now, Baidu spider of high level, you would be a bad idea, counterproductive. Try to minimize articles or links that do not have any relevance to your web site. This will scatter the center of the site,

four is original. This is an old topic, but still want to say. The website updates speed, often updated website, make website content more rich, so, Baidu likes most.

about four points, please don’t hesitate to correct me.

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