2010 fifth Internet webmaster annual meeting one of the biggest highlights of micro-blog is interactive, especially the main venue of the last part of the draw, through the micro-blog webmaster have the opportunity to get involved in the Grand Prix, once the activities to a climax. At the annual meeting, many guests stressed the power of micro-blog, the king of the webmaster Cai Wensheng predicted that the next one or two years will usher in the outbreak of micro-blog era.

June 3rd Admin5 forum every Thursday afternoon at 3-4 version of the chat activity "of micro-blog invited Cai Zong power" baby got a lot of attention of webmaster, also with CAI general discussion more deeply felt the influence of micro-blog. This paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

ask: how does personal stationmaster station increase the fan of his micro-blog effectively?


: I wrote on micro-blog micro-blog # # tutorial six, you can refer to. In fact, writing micro-blog and doing a station is the same reason, but also slowly. For example, I began to do a station in 2002, I went to K666, the laggards, China Station Station learning, when I almost read all of the posts, so understand a lot of truth. Now I write micro-blog, also the most popular micro-blog in-depth understanding of it again.

: does Chua always think micro-blog will replace the traditional blog?

answer: micro-blog won’t take the place of blogging. But the two are in different forms and spread. To write a blog is more of a scholar or a good writer. Blogs don’t interact very much. Micro-blog is the inevitable product of human beings entering a short reading period. Now we are reading less and have too many information, so we need a simpler and faster way to get information. I found that many people who wrote blogs moved to write micro-blog, so many famous people wrote a micro-blog and stopped updating. Blogs are more like celebrities, and micro-blog is a real grassroots opportunity.

question: Cai Zong, do you think the current development of micro-blog is a chance for our individual webmaster?.

answer: now do stand is very hard, need a website space, bandwidth, record, policy factors and rival hacker attacks, if you do micro-blog, now these Sina micro-blog platform to help you to do it, we just need to make more efforts and create content, the value of information, naturally more attention there is a value. Especially later, I think micro-blog platform will introduce more API applications, you can put your site better combination of your micro-blog to do marketing and promotion. Like the mobile Internet business friends, micro-blog is a good opportunity.

: I know you 4399 very rich! Our local community is valued on the game platform, especially the web game platform, how can I work? How? How to ensure the interests of the local


answer: 4399 at the beginning of the game portal, now we already have web.4399.com web game platform, my.43>

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