First Round Review from this article, they prepared the article, both story telling, but also to provide operational advice to entrepreneurs, to help build a good company. When it was first created, Squarespace was just a personal website for Anthony Casalena, and it wasn’t worth mentioning before WordPress and Drupal. Today, it has risen and accumulated $78 million 500 thousand in financing. With the right approach, the problem has been solved, and it has grown into what it is today.

The original version of

Squarespace was just a personal web site for Anthony Casalena. This is a common entrepreneurial story. Like Drew Houston, he thought of the idea of "Dropbox" on the bus because he forgot to bring the U. But few founders walk the long way like Casalena.

Squarespace was founded in 2004, has been tenth years. Prior to the successful $38 million 500 thousand A round of financing in 2010, he had never moved the idea of rapid growth. Then, the company grew rapidly and became the first choice for thousands of non professional Web developers. It successfully caught up with this year’s super bowl, put their advertising: A, Better, Web, Awaits, this move opened a new chapter in the history of the company’s development, attracting tens of thousands of new users. Recently, the company announced the completion of a $40 million B round of financing. Mainly for research and development and further expansion, the cumulative amount of financing has reached 78 million 500 thousand U. S. dollars.

Casalena is how to do it? Squarespace once in the rival company WordPress and Drupal before, so the Casalena is inferior by comparison, growing has become a promising brand, continue to lead the development of the industry? Casalena explained, he is how to make the dream to reality.

starts with a small

, in 2004, was a poor choice for people who wanted to build their own web site without programming. And the website that provides this service, because the detail is careless again, make Casalena feel very uncomfortable. GeoCities and Blogger are two examples of these.

Casalena said: "at that point, there is no product that has a design or style in mind.". Your website should represent your thoughts and reflect what kind of person you are. You each month it 2.99>

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