can be said that the replacement of the domain name is very helpless things, is equal to a few months ago a lot of hard work is meaningless, a lot of work to start again, especially the chain and search engines, the greatest impact.

initially considered making a luggage class website, but due to incomplete consideration, without a clear judgment on the future goals, the new website was hastily launched, so my first forum came out. I register domain name from the beginning, without any experience, did not consider what.COM ah,.CN ah, what is the difference, even the most basic length is not too much consideration. In the beginning, I used a relatively long CN domain name: (here is not advertising, this domain name I have been disabled, just for example), I made a forum, named luggage walking street. The basic idea is to let everyone into the Forum (in the future site), into the broad streets of the city like, the information is like all kinds of goods, like the dazzling array.


forum in late April on the line, for the record, Submit search engine, everything is going well, until mid June, baidu included more than 400, GOOGLE included up to more than 2700, the other included also is very normal, the chain is more than 4000, and it is inseparable from the two months of hard work, he is very pleased.

but during these two months, he has been pondering a question: what is my goal, the domain name is the name I want? And my goal fit? Perhaps because knowledge more and more benefit from the stationmaster net website, feel more and their ideas the more clear, the domain name and the current strategy is not what you want, want to change the domain name is becoming more and more intense desire. Meanwhile, I’ve been looking for a new domain name I like. By the middle of June, the domain name had finally appeared, and.Com wasn’t registered yet. But then, that is, change the domain name on the forum included the impact of the problem.

wordy so much, just want to let readers understand the whole process, the following on the search engine included, I talk about experience.

domain name change before and after the 20 days, from the current situation is: Baidu fully restored to its original level, which surprised me most, also hope to be able to give you a reference; GOOGLE included not many, only 1/10 of the original, but increasing every day; the other collection is not a lot, but every day in the chain also increased steadily. Initially, the new domain name was bound to the original domain name. The original domain name included in the chain are very good, to be new domain name included, I firmly took the original domain name removed. Removed or very distressed, and now we site, you can also see Baidu included nearly 400, GOOGLE nearly 2000, the chain is more than 2000.

change the domain name, the original domain name is as follows: Baidu included gradually decline, but the decline is very slow; GOO>

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