A5 forum is the biggest trading forum in the webmaster industry. There is almost a collection of millions of owners across the country, the national outstanding IDC, advertising alliance also perennial in this together! A5 is the most professional webmaster forum here! The most innovative and professional transactions, so the owners will be one of the global forum! Of course, A5 is the industry leader, here every day thousands of transactions. But through A5 intermediaries trading is really very small, only one percent,

!Why does

choose A5 broker transactions,


because A5 intermediary transactions most secure, can maintain the interests of both buyers and sellers, rather than Taobao, pat, and so on, only to protect the interests of buyers. So, by contrast, many webmasters are more willing to use A5 intermediary way of trading,

!What is the transaction style of

A5 intermediaries,


A5 intermediary way is both contact A5 intermediary in the private chat agreement (URL: http://s.zj.admin5.com/) have both told the specific content of the intermediary transactions (such as the amount of trading items and requirements) and the intermediary will ask the buyer to make payment to A5, after the A5 receive money to require the seller to fulfill their commitments. If the buyer for the opening of the host, the domain name transfer to the buyer, the program passed to buyers, etc., at this time after the buyer received the goods, you can tell the intermediary to play the money to the seller!

!What’s the charge for

A5 agents,


is less than 100 yuan free, 100 yuan more than two percent of the Commission, the remittance fee will be borne by the intermediary! Here to tell you one thing, there are a number of pen intermediary under the A5 forum avatar, only more than 100 yuan can only remember one, less than 100 yuan. That is to say! If you were trading the 2 pens, but are 100 yuan, then the number of transactions below your forum avatar is still 0.

How much does

use the A5 agency,


based on the credibility of the seller, such as the time on the A5 forums, etc. Generally speaking, within 50 yuan, it is recommended to use other means of trading. In the A5 forum, year-round sellers are generally not deceptive, if found, you can report to the A5 forum, but there are some people fake A5 intermediary fraud, this point should pay special attention to!

!What businesses in

A5 intermediaries are honest and trustworthy?

in fact, most of the sellers in the A5 forum are very good and sincere. But from time to time will take out two swindlers, this point to you carefully in the A5 forum, 30 thousand cheat 20 thousand things often happen, have proof! Good business A5 forum is also very much, such as some IDC A5 forum to purchase advertising, or some business process for buyers established customers! These sellers are hard at doing their own service, worth recommending! Said not long ago, I was ready to buy Women in A5 forum site

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