believes that in the webmaster community, everyone has an embarrassing amount of embarrassment, especially when it comes to collaboration.

a few days ago in the Internet, people through my web site QQ found me and said to me what Baidu alliance what pack a monthly income of around 4500, and he received the money after fifty fifty, the beginning will have some doubts about how there is such a thing, but he repeated soft said, considering that since the money is directly to my account, then how are there will be deceived, promised cooperation.

"if there is a surprise, it will have an accident free", a few days ago when the Internet was found in the predecessors on the Internet as a post what they cooperate with these liars a month after the account has been closed, so I went with him to discuss cooperation matters interrupt love, I almost said to earn these days all the money to him, but the other is

" reply to Baidu promotion 12:26:58

no, I’ve already spent more than 500 of the cost. Is that why I’m losing money, "?

, when I suggested breaking up on cooperation,

" Baidu promotes 12:29:27

then why did you cooperate? Now I’m not forcing you to say this,

replies to Baidu promotion 12:30:07

you and I say money is not paid to me or our cooperation now do not have no way to get you is your fault if you give me the money or I lose you know "

" Baidu promotes 12:31:51

no, nothing like this. What is called cooperation? We are not beggars this month. After working together this month, we don’t receive any money. There’s a problem with your account. I’m looking for someone who wants money.

"Baidu promotes 12:33:07


, we’ve been doing this for years. What hasn’t happened to you? It’s hard to get money,

replies to Baidu promotion 12:33:22

to do long-term cooperation, do not do not do, we are not bad you this money,



, when I offered to sell them to them,

replies to Baidu promotion 12:34:05

What does

sell us for


replies to Baidu promotion 12:34:10

can’t change the

of financial information

replies @ @ @ 12:34:13

Ad sites on the

website also offer

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