often see webmaster website promotion articles, summed up is those commonly used way. Between theory and application, there is an action, and only by insisting on it can we see the result.

I have to go to work every day from the small alley walk to the bus station, on the way to work every day, will meet with a sword hand in the alley, dressed in white clothes, some elderly white hair. The hands of the sword, that old man is "practice", the old man every day and I came, I didn’t know he was practicing sports back, or going to practice. Every day on our way to work we passed by. I don’t know if the old man has made an impression on me, but I have already been impressed with the old man, the same clothes, the fixed time, the meeting every day.

from the old man’s clothes and age, he has retired, not like me to work. I’m every fixed time, so at eight in the morning, I will be passing from the alley; and old routine, daily self supervision and the result of habit, no one asked him, there is no company system constraints, but he appeared every day, day in and day out. An old man is so persistent, not to mention young people as a webmaster,


many webmaster complain that the website development has no anticipated effect. I don’t know if it contains persistent website promotion and daily update. Promotion methods are summed up so much, but do you persist every day? The daily updates of the website are nothing more than those contents. But do you improve your content every day at a fixed time?


, I manage A5 forum bbs.admin5.com every day, but also pay attention to most of the posting of ID, of course, most of the webmaster to the forum is in line with the promotion and increase exposure, the purpose of the chain. Some ID insist on releasing several valuable posts every day, with the end of the post plus the article from a similar site, AD. As long as the article is valuable, there are more visitors to the post. If released every day, I will also pay attention to the website of the post, look at the other side of the site, the ID also made a good impression. This is the post of posting effect every day, virtually enhance the user’s impression, and naturally promoted the site.

on the contrary, a day of countless postings ID, even if the post is valuable, but published dozens of days, it is difficult to remember, this promotion is naturally a little worse. Persistence is a cumulative process, not a sudden explosion. The "practice" as the day when the old man, if his clothes printed on a web site, I see every day he also saw the web site, the site of the natural deep impression, may also go to search and understand the website, this is the effect.


every day you pass countless people, because you are not familiar with each other, so you can hardly remember each other. But if you meet the same people at the same time every day, day after day, you will be sure of this

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