usually and I share the same grassroots station in the process of communication, lamented the hardships of webmaster career, but also for some of the webmaster hard to pay, and almost no return and doubly sigh with emotion. Some Adsense ads try to the identity of buyers from twelve square fashion network ( on Ali Wangwang or QQ instant links to find me, a way to communicate with me, want to find some way to make money. In fact, I am very willing to communicate with the webmaster, learn from each other, here, I will put some of my ideas and practices released, and I hope the new station have some help.

one, don’t go too far to pursue the perfect


when we open some does not seem the perfect site to see their huge traffic, but because of envy. In fact, many webmasters have been busy designing web pages for years, and they are not satisfied with their websites. After a few days, I imagined that if you add some functionality, it will be better able to retain Internet users, and then spend a lot of effort to delve into the various codes. As everyone knows, this process is entirely their own imagination, largely deviated from reality, not only wasted the valuable time of the webmaster, but also may bring some unnecessary setbacks to the development of the website.

website structure must be in the beginning of the station has a fine planning, must not do side change, function side while doing.

two, content is fundamental, is the soul

, this is the truth that never breaks. The demand of Internet users is always new, practical information and resources, keeping updated, seeking originality and novelty. The discussion in this respect is everywhere.

three, don’t resort to deceit,

, whether it is SEO or traffic, do not fake, I always believe: because of the regular, so long sentence!


three, find your own website to make money

this is the webmaster about twelve square, fashion net is a new station just over a year old, so far, every day is only one thousand IP, but it can bring the monthly income of three thousand or four thousand yuan or more, in addition to Google, Baidu, Taobao alliance alliance, the main source of income for Taobao’s treasurer. In order to increase the advertising position, I have set aside one hundred advertising channels for the twelve channels of the website. There are nearly two hundred advertising places, of which about two can be sold freely. The webmaster might say, "where’s your traffic? Who runs your ads? That’s the point.".


dispensers how many? How many new shops? How many dispensers need promotion through the web site? In a word, the Taobao customer resources are inexhaustible, if there are ten Ali Wangwang accounts, hung above grade eighteen (time is not very long), each number can add one thousand friends. By sending a message of Ali Wangwang, a few minutes, the information can be informed to the ten thousand dispensers, many Qunjia, every day can be a letter.

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