technology refers to the certain words English is derived from a main stem, for example work is a word, make a lot of sense the same or related but different tense, voice by the word, singular and plural forms, such as working, worked, worker, works, workers.

Technology (keyword stemming) in a English website optimization is more obvious, but also have certain reference significance for Chinese website optimization.

in web content writing, try to keep the different forms of the same stem derived from natural fusion in sentences, instead of using only a single form. That is to say, if your target keyword is work, the best working, worked, worker, works, workers, and so on, these words should also appear properly.

has at least two advantages to doing so. First, it helps search engines build Web Theme concepts. Because these same words actually thematic significance is the same, or very similar. Two, when users search, it is possible to use a variety of variants, not necessarily the author’s favorite word. If you appear in a variety of web pages, your web page has a higher probability of appearing in different search word results.

of course, these words must appear logical, grammatical, and do not interfere with the reader’s reading. There is still some difficulty in writing.

The same principle of

can also derive two areas of attention.


" is a very different spelling in English, but the meaning is exactly the same. For example, web, site, website, site, these words are in fact not very different in meaning, can be used interchangeably, in different sentences can completely cross use different words. Another is in content writing, try to take the same word variants and the order of the words in order, take it all up and use it in different places. Such as

web design

web development

site design

website design

web site designing

design web site

site developed


these words the theme is the same, if in a web page, these words appear alternately, then the main keywords (Web Design) optimization can enhance the effect of good, and can also cover more search words.

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