no man is ever so sorry as his heart is dead." As a member of many grassroots level Internet personnel, I am now this remark on "Chuang-tzu" at the deep field. Some people say that shopping malls such as the battlefield, I personally think that the Internet is a battlefield, but the difference is our grassroots webmaster is in a weak state in this field, we are different from those of Sohu, Sina formed the Panzer Army, they can unscathed in the previous Internet catastrophe, but the vulnerable groups as a station just like holding machetes and pioneer vagrant tribes, our goal is just to survive, although we all have goals and great ideals; many times we fall again, countless times stand up! I thought we have in this practice becomes very strong, but we have 2008 to 2009 too much! That is close to the limit we bear


December 2, 2009, Jiangxi, Jingdezhen, IDC room closed, I think a lot of people like me, unfortunately, won the lottery. I can understand the IDC service provider’s mood, just can not understand the relevant departments to deal with the problem of attitude, I think we can not because of a sore finger cut off whole arm? Early ancestors of Da Yu in the water when they know that "the sparse generations blocking, why can’t we understand this now?

In addition to the

IDC room of Jingdezhen Telecom and Shanghai Nu River mobile, Shanghai Caohejing Shanghai Netcom, Caobao Road Telecom, Jiangsu Telecom Yangzhou room and so on, according to at least a few ten room I know, involving tens of thousands of servers. The reason is because some criminals website illegal information. Please pay attention to it, but the individual criminals, then at least 90% above are legitimate content, health website. Why also suffer? Just because of the actions of others, it is necessary to make such a big movement, I don’t want to say we stand group how great or noble, but standing in the development of the Internet has an irreplaceable role and indelible contribution. This irresponsible approach to the station is not only a stop to the station, but also to the development of the Internet stifle. Maybe some people think I’m talking too seriously. If I don’t believe it, I can try legislation, stop all the stations and leave those glorious portals. Let’s take a closer look at what we have on the Internet,

has some criminals use the Internet to spread pornographic and other illegal information, caused a certain influence on society, which I admit. But remember that only the actions of others, we do not have the network, for those criminals must be punished, I think we have a station are very much in favor of the reasonable, purify the Internet is very necessary, because the only way to make it more healthy, but at present this kind of stick processing method a slot I beg to differ.

why don’t we see considerable effect brought by the Internet, from the ancient poetry, The Four Books and the Five Classics to pop elements now, these could be.

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