the Internet market in China is very confusing now and everything is going on. In the end how many people will be promoted, and how many people know how to return promotion, it is only a handful, of course, I do not understand, and now I say, I think the success of the webmaster have done what?. Just a personal opinion. The successful webmaster pays great attention to the originality of the article, and knows the content is king. This is not necessarily more, must be fine, even if you have tens of thousands of articles, or for the original, it is not original, not many people will use, some people would say that I was reprinted or how, I can only say the bitterness behind? In fact, the high quality of the article is not good to write, we know a lot of knowledge, so we should insist on learning every day in the search engine, we do not learn is not the root.

successful webmaster do not use articles that can bring what? The article is not only to the original, but also some people search, not the flow of what’s good article, did not achieve the purpose of promotion. Successful webmaster know diligence, know to adhere to update, no fresh blood, not only search engines, we don’t love to go.

and then know that there is no flow of light, to retain customers, to retain their hearts, A5 why so many people to study, is he famous, because the article is original?. Updated in a timely manner, every day there are new things, not only the search engines love, we also love, we come to learn something, can bring real benefits, because here is big, every day there are a lot of good webmaster here: Wen Zhang, good article can bring flow and reproduced, this is us the purpose of it! So successful webmaster know the structure is reasonable, know the customer’s heart, that stick to the customer, if there is no interaction, no good culture chapter, no original, no A5.

finally sum up, the above said a bit confused, successful webmaster, to know that the content is king, adhere to the update, not afraid of hard, pay attention to customer visits, and increase interaction. Taobao Taobao rebate network shopping rebate network with Taobao official special cooperation website is shopping rebate platform, can provide 35 members million Taobao stores, more than 8 million 760 thousand additional rebates Taobao goods back now, shopping is 1.5%-30%.

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