for small sellers, if not too much money to do diamond booths, train, Taobao customers, so by optimizing the title, keyword of the input flow, strong correlation has become the largest channel for the flow of. For some big sellers, operating in good condition under the condition of natural flow probably accounted for about 30% of the total flow shop, so pay attention to natural search, in-depth study of search has become each shop will do. But even for Tmall has entered the shop for a year and the copy operation, still will go into some errors, after in-depth study, the following summary, hope to help with the seller.

, the first is the baby, the higher the sales, the higher the ranking. Convinced that the "king of the king" seller is estimated to be in the minority, including the owner of the store. Every time a quarterly explosion is released, the title is asked for optimization because the sales figures are already in the top five in the category. But the study found that the data is only as a point, the proportion is 10%, unless it is only occupies the absolute advantage of the ranking in the sales ranking, otherwise even if the sales data is one of the top category, but not necessarily will shoot at the home show in.

second is through a straight car search, ranking will rise. For this, I was convinced, opened in November last year the market stores train speed of delivery because of less than 4.4 points were suspended after use, store traffic dropped substantially, from 5000 to three days, hundreds of. The reasons for this situation is the main train traffic occupies about 50%, and was introduced by the explosion of the drainage way, traffic is also in decline with the baby evaluation content not a great relationship, therefore, mistakenly thought the train suspension leads to store almost no traffic is not necessarily linked to the great.

the third search rule is designed for large sellers. There are many small and medium sellers are very envious of large sellers can get very large traffic every day, will naturally generate search rules, is biased towards the idea of big sellers. This is absolutely wrong. If every time the whole network promotion in favor of big sellers is true, because the seller is strong, and the level of integrated operations, the promotion is to verify the seller’s operation ability, even if this small sellers can enter into the main venue, but in the face of ten times the number of flow into the shop, shop warehouse explosion caused the collapse of the case occurred. But in peacetime, search rules must be for buyers to design, because Taobao is very clear, the buyer is Yisifumu, good service for them, the seller and the official can make money, the acquisition should be of interest.

fourth, Tmall and Taobao search rules are not the same. This is true, because Tmall is required to add brand names to the baby title, and the Taobao market does not. Not long ago, the shop where the author was checked out by the authorities, the title of hundreds of babies in the shop did not have a brand name, >

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