see this title you might think that is my Adsense navigation, because before writing reason, many people know that there are many zzdh webmaster navigation outside the chain of high quality, but I want to share the case today, not my webmaster navigation. It’s another navigation, a navigation station that is more than ZZDH times the chain of B. Once commented on the chain zzdh webmaster navigation on the Internet people, rely mainly on Mou Changqing in the industry contacts, so there are so many high quality of the chain, ordinary people can not go to copy, that can not be completed. Today, I’m writing this article to tell people who think they can’t be copied, and that’s wrong. Not can not copy, but there is no perseverance to achieve the ultimate.

today, the webmaster of the case website is a person without any background or experience. But it is such an ordinary webmaster, in 1 years time, put a new pilot station from PR0 to do PR7, and the quality of the chain more than If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed that a navigation station with no background and no traffic could be more than hao123 of the chain. Before, I think my webmaster navigation outside the chain to do quite well, but every time I think of this navigation station, I feel ashamed, tell yourself do not enough, still need to continue to work hard.

Figure 1: the part of the navigator outside the chain

see here, you may be very interested in it, and would like to know what kind of navigation station, so cattle B. I know this navigation station has been a long time, and in its own promotion group, also often and group friend mention. But never in the house and over 1, is afraid of others in advertising, 2 is a crowd of people don’t want to follow suit to do navigation station. But I still want to write out, to pass on such a belief, as long as the effort to achieve the ultimate, even if you are a no background, no resources of the webmaster, can do very cattle B. Now let’s get down to business. How did I get to know the station, and how did the other party do it?

part-time webmaster, his teacher

first contact with the webmaster, his navigation station PR value is only 5. He had already changed to several PR7 websites at that time. At that time, zzdh navigation has been PR6, the quality of the chain than his navigation station a little more. He should have added my QQ and wanted to change links with our company’s website. Just his navigation station does not conform to my link standard here, then I rejected him. Later, he asked me several times, and finally made a link to him on the special navigational link cooperation page. By communicating with him, he learned that he was an in-service teacher and did his time in his spare time.

cast a net wide and touch


my webmaster navigation is also up to PR6, only to change to some of the high quality PR7 outside the chain. If you were standing

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