for a new on-line website, promotion is the most important thing, how to let a user believe and use your website, this is what we have to think about. Today, the Internet every day new sites countless, and how to highlight itself in many sites, attract users and retain them,


although there are many ways to network operation, many strategies have been used up. These tactics will no longer be able to achieve what we need. Some tactics are even difficult to grasp. Once used improperly, it will backfire. And now the Internet has been intense competition, want talent shows itself in such a competitive environment easier said than done? A lot of money to promote operational needs, and it is individual owners or SMEs can afford


therefore, looking for and developing a low-cost, even cost effective and efficient promotion strategy is the top priority of our website development.

although it is becoming more and more difficult to promote the operation now, there is no need to hesitate or even worry about it. As the saying goes, "as long as the mind does not slide, it is always more difficult than the way it is.". The first thing we should make clear is that the purpose of our website is to attract and retain more users. So we have to think about the issue from the user’s point of view rather than get caught up in our own thinking.


, we might as well jump out of our own thinking cycle and think about how we can get user trust, or what the user believes,

in the face of many of the serious homogenization of the site, not only as a webmaster or enterprise distress, in fact, users are also very distressed. Although users have the right to choose their own, but in many cases, users are actually very blind. They don’t really know how to choose that site, but they all have one thing in common: herd mentality. What other users believe, they follow what they believe. And this is what is called authority".

borrows a famous saying here: "there is no authority in the world. Many people believe in it and become authority.".

How will

your website in the minds of users to successfully create a definitive impression? Song Congming thought as the most effective method of direct impression shaping the authority outside the following three kinds: "the" celebrity effect, and the effects of the media.

the most significant effect

in fact, authority strategy is a time tested method in user group. And it’s more suitable for websites that have just been running or are not well known, and of course, some big websites are using it. For example, we are familiar with Baidu, its slogan is "the Internet’s largest Chinese search engine", as well as Sohu, "China’s largest portal", and Youku "China’s first video network"

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