through today’s Baidu is black, we should be more clear understanding, is registered in the country domain name, or to register abroad, today I’ll tell you about this.

1. Chinese registered domain name

domestic domain name registration, in fact, as long as you are to bring the domain name to do regular stations, China’s hold event more and you did not pass. China now in addition to the new network network, such as the ename and the 22 is also more convenient. However, today I heard that ename CN meters do not allow parsing abroad, and this approach is too unscientific. But their transfer is very convenient, and this is still possible. Registration of domain names in China must be the management page of Chinese. Once there is any problem, it is convenient to communicate with each other. It is not necessary to make a phone call and send an e-mail. Of course, some of these domain name policy documents are also quite good, China’s government problems. You can go to check the domain name registration QQ, go to the last year of a million net, or domain name management China has certain advantages.

China registered domain name has certain advantages, of course, there is a lack of fixed, the biggest drawback is that human intervention is too heavy, so that people use not assured, not reassuring. China’s CN meters is China’s own slap in the face. For a while to be nationalized, and then transfer the rice to the enterprise.

two. Foreign registered domain name

foreign registered domain name, plainly speaking, is a transfer out of convenience, and some foreign analysis is always effective, will not be artificial hold. No matter in the new registration or renewal, and domestic prices are not much difference. If you change the space frequently, you enter the management page for analysis, I’m afraid you have to control the tutorial operation. In this I have a deep understanding, my last m is registered abroad, I was transferred to the people, I had more than 10 minutes, and in addition to parsing took twenty minutes. If it’s all Chinese, I think it will be done in one or two minutes at most. Maybe you want to say my English is not good, use translation, after which the translation to the tutorial, translation meaning and Chinese are different.

to sum up, no matter whether you register a domain name in China or register a domain name abroad, you must look good before you sign up or transfer it. You should think about what you should think of later. I wish China CN m early events have a clear statement, not a policy in every two or three days out of small grassroots stand. These are some of my own views, talk about relatively shallow, welcome to correct me, and I communicate QQ:93065410 dew CMS:

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