today in the query site related data, do not know why, suddenly came to the banyan tree, this once every day will be boarded network literature station. Since the acquisition was grand, banyan tree under the edge of the role is more obvious, not only has a world of difference with rival Chinese net original starting point, even some new authors, under the banyan tree attraction can only say is very limited. A quick look at the website, see a lot of so-called popular novels update, still stay in February 2013, feel banyan tree, perhaps really only "banyan tree" three words, worth pondering and pondering.

can’t make a reasonable choice between art and profit

talked about the reason Zhu Weilian sold banyan trees at the time, and many friends thought it was the lack of funds. At that time, the overall profit model under the banyan tree was an excellent writer on the line. The ecological cycle seems sustainable, but there are considerable obstacles to looking at the web environment at that time. First of all, then no one pay attention to network copyright, network piracy on the innumerable, you want to develop value-added services is bound to affect the number of registered users, the second profit specifications of the publishing industry is not ideal, can not continue to support circulation mode under the banyan tree, so sold was booming bertelsmann.

in Zhu Weilian’s thoughts, mainly sold to Bertelsmann is to find a profitable expert for the Tung, let them find their own profit model, but it’s unknown to Bertelsmann didn’t really consider from the market environment, but directly to all the articles to pay, in the electronic era of rampant piracy. This move under the banyan tree not only lost the market, even lost the support of users, for the contents of the main pre blog form, no enthusiasm and pursuit of the user, the influence of natural is a diarrhea trinidad.

in fact, on the issue of profit, banyan is not without consideration, in the "golden age", banyan under the "profit" thing. But at that time, the pursuit of their own brand under the banyan tree is "pure literature," but, when persisting in the fan also want to profit is one thing, how difficult too, when others are doing electronic copyright, you pursue the so-called literary youth, there is no financial circle, under the banyan tree cannot give the author enough support, content update has become a problem.

is not fully aware of the importance of the author and the atmosphere,

for this novel station literature site, atmosphere is very important, we can not simply think that good article will resonate, opinions will burst out the light of wisdom only in the time of the exchange, only through communication can shorten the distance between the author and the readers. The starting point of Chinese network to do so, netrose are stronger, and under the banyan tree? The author and business I don’t know how, I only know that when other sites can give novice enough exposure and reading support, under the banyan tree is a kind of rigid traditional mode, through pure click a work, decided to push the novice.

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