if Sina, Sohu, 21CN integrated portal network media out of the road, and opened up a brand advertising network marketing and advertising presentation, providing access support for marketing and brand communication of large and medium-sized enterprises, then to the Alibaba, such as hc360.com B2B e-commerce platform is the founder of the electronic commerce marketing standardization process and products, sincere, China Theo suppliers, trading through standard products will Chinese local enterprises online trading and online export trade from the "zero" on the "one" height.

early in the outbreak of the electronic commerce Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO and other search engines to PPC keywords both won many users of the popular culture, the ocean of information using keywords used target information query, at the same time attention audience polymerization based on search engine marketing has also obtained the small and medium-sized enterprises like some industries even, many large enterprises have joined the PPC, sponsored links, SEO ranks.

These three

without exception with its powerful portal, platform or client tools, gaining a lot of audience and users (visitors), has visited more than ten million, above the audience and flow basis for this huge base to the enterprise users to provide a network marketing solutions and services.

in general, to create a platform with ten million flow is not an easy thing, funding, team, technology, marketing, editorial team, offensive content source and other factors are hard to ignore, qianyifaerdongquanshen. And marketing, as the most market organizations (enterprises / companies) most eager for one of the two main needs, there will always be a new marketing model, new forces emerge, new tools available. Advertising or advertising, and popular popularity after the operation, portal, e-commerce, search engine has opened fourth, fifth kinds of marketing mode, in the audience reach (exposure), soft release, product promotion, enterprise information publishing, expanding the spread of coverage introduced ideas and practices integrate multiple pathways, multiple platforms with a variety of resources.

from advertising to advertising, if the difference in form, but in essence and function basically can be regarded as "twins", there will be a general organizer, draw a number of different industries in various fields, regional sites or communities, build a union body; then the organizer by means of the market for advertisers, advertisers will need advertising information distributed to the alliance body site and community, on the basis of the exposure rate, clicks, or even the customer conversion rate indices to settlement costs. Which GOOGLE Adsense tixa should be international and domestic typical representative, before the portal also established a website alliance, or appeared on the market a variety of advertising, but because of the operation, on the issue of resources, are not climate.

the above four forms >

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