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but, in VoleR Creative’s founder, Dillon Seo, it seems that Korea’s entrepreneurial environment is not ideal. This is a virtual reality VR startups, Dillon Seo in 2012 as a co-founder and manager of the city of South Korea joined Oculus in 2015, his departure from Oculus founded VoleR Creative, continue to participate in the VR can bring a new experience in the industry, is now developing a VR card game.

can lead to a successful payment standard: will be registered as payment of commission 3.5 yuan

dear League member:

in the D.Camp incubator, visitors to use Wi-Fi, let us really feel the speed of this country fast: Download 208 Mbps, upload 184 Mbps. Science and technology entrepreneurship, there are unique conditions, and Seoul Jiangnan Road is the most intensive areas of Korea’s start-up companies.

3, cosmetics, the target page points to:

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1, not the following 6 categories, the target page points to:

In the process of popularizing VR, Dillon Seo has encountered unexpected difficulties in

as the East Asian neighbors, in addition to the world’s fastest speed and LINE, we on South Korea’s science and technology entrepreneurship is poorly understood, even recently began to China technology company, will be in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia as the main battlefield. But at the same time, South Korea’s entertainment, gaming, social, film and television industries are thriving in Asia, even conquering global trends.


throughout the 2016, as in other parts of the world, the biggest problem facing South Korea’s VR business is also very little equipment to wear. In addition, South Korea also faces some unique disadvantages: 1 lack of South Korea’s VR technical personnel; 2 Japan’s SONY and Nintendo has been trying to manufacture VR devices, South Korean Hard Suits Inc is completely indifferent; 3 in this case, the development of VR can only rely on venture capital, but because at the present stage VC’s understanding of VR is very shallow, they generally remain very cautious attitude. Under the combined influence of several factors, the development of Korea’s VR is suffering.

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played PingWest on the eve of the Spring Festival, bringing the annual event SYNC to Seoul. In 2017 SYNC Seoul: and US forces in East Asia, the largest local incubator D.Camp and VR, the electricity supplier entrepreneurs conducted an exchange, trying to find a reason for South Korean forces to occupy a space for one person in the world of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial ecology.

. The data transmission mechanism: real-time data return.

4, clothing web site, the target page points to:

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. A road show involving experience, a girl ran the VR device enthusiastically, but no one wanted to try after her. Under the wise, actually.

2, the domain name class is similar to the 3S web site, the target page points to:

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