, 1980, Carl Rosendahl, 23, graduated from Standford’s Department of electrical engineering. Before he became a computer science, he wanted to be the first person to make animated feature films on computers. He set up a company with $more than 20 thousand in his father’s support, but because the money was not enough to make computer cartoons, he could only do it for television. In 1995, Pixar’s Toy Story pre – fulfilled his dream, and with great success, Carl could only catch up. With 15 years of careful management, the company with zero debt and its own profits to expand the success of cooperation with the Dreamworks animation department set up studio. Relying on the core technology of animation company, studio for a global audience giving many animated film, "Shrek" is one of them. I was in Silicon Valley on the Carl interview, in the interview, Carl from investors, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship education angle, based on his own experiences, and describe the prospect of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley yesterday, today and in the future.

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities set down 500-1000 yuan

, all talk about IT strategy and business strategy to keep in line with the importance of the article, there may be a mistake. The industry’s view of strategy making and coordination is changing now. Thankfully, in the past, the practice of setting up business strategies by senior management and then coordinating the IT strategy with the IT department based on business strategy is gradually disappearing. In the old days, the old practice is actually a passive way, which brings a lot of problems. If CIO, who is still waiting for the company’s business plan before starting the IT strategy, can prove he is already behind.


during the development strategy, the participation of IT is very important, it can ensure that the various departments of the company on the existing technology can meet the needs of their own departments to understand, to ensure all the business sector proposals can be fully considered in the planning process. We can take a look at an example of an insurance company. The company’s leaders plan to increase their business by 10% over the next year by offering web services. They need to know whether the existing IT infrastructure can support this service, and how long and how much it will cost if it needs to build a new IT infrastructure.

Carl:, I founded PDI in 1980 after I graduated from Stanford University. I like animation and film production very much and I also like technology, so I was studying electrical engineering at that time, because I didn’t even have a major in computer science. Making images with computer or even animated pictures is very trendy at that time

: Carl Rosendahl, 1980 interview guests to create a film / animation company Pacific Data Image PDI, the computer technology is far unable to achieve animation standard’s proposed "computer 3D animation movie" target. PDI started early on the production of animated graphics on American TV shows and became the first company in the United States to produce animation in batches. At the end of the 80s, the film featured special effects and animated films. In 2000 with the Dreamworks animation department merged to become PDI/Dreamworks, provide computer animation core technology, making the "ants", "Shrek" series, "Madagascar" and other well-known animated film. In 2012, the American visual effects Association Visual Effects Society awarded the founder Award Founder Award to Carl. After leaving office, he devoted himself to education and now opened an entrepreneurship course at the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center ETC in the.


asked: your goal is to start a production of computer animation, but it was not until 15 years after the company was founded to start making the first animated film "Antz" "Antz", 20 years after the "Shrek". Why did it take so long,

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