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to some extent, $3 million is the entrepreneur’s pricing for small program expectations. From January this year, Zhang Xiaolong in the WeChat open class revealed the wind now after the beta launch, speculation and opinion several months to promote the news leaked a few hours last night, the whole network scraper, the industry has waited too long.




1, competitors similar products title, especially some of the high sales, and these keywords can even copy directly.


since we want to optimize search, then we must first clear the rules of Taobao search. Taobao’s baby search, the default search results for the "comprehensive" sort, all the following discussion around the integrated search to discuss. Taobao search rules online is nothing more than a lot of data, summed up the following points: Title Correlation, baby shelves time, window recommend, volume, number, collection of seller reputation, praise rate, browsing quantity, Wangwang response time, because the new shop, trading volume, collection number, seller reputation, praise rate, views Wangwang, response time no data, these are not time accumulated, this article discusses the scope. The window recommendation only has 30 positions, and for the new store, all my baby will be recommended, not in the scope of this discussion. Xiaoqiang today only discuss Title Correlation and baby shelf time two indicators.

in WeChat as an operating system in the process, what opportunities will appear, is the cause of concern for small programs, but also deep thinking behind the bet 3 million yuan. Will small programs really be the second spring for WeChat’s eco entrepreneurship? Perhaps it needs to be cautious and optimistic.


this morning, an Internet practitioner in the circle of friends issued a message, to have their own hand received a small program, beta invited public numbers, together with the company as a whole package sold, starting price of 3 million yuan. There are pictures and facts:

applets aren’t a whole new thing,

keyword choice, but also in your title plus the store features information and features of the product information. Because I sell milk powder, buy Hong Kong Edition milk >


3 million yuan acquisition of a small program worth it,

from the beginning of last night, the majority of practitioners of small programs online reaction to the news can be used simply to describe mountains and seas are whistling overnight, rush about telling the news around spreading. "


is an operating system ", as Feng Dahui said, however, this judgment should be in the future, WeChat is going to be, will be, dream of becoming an operating system, but not yet. The attempt of small programs is a milestone in realizing this dream. WeChat wants to build its own AppStore and become a hub for more services.


we all know, whether it is doing hypostatic shop or do shop, passenger flow is the first element. Taobao store, the biggest source of traffic is Taobao search, how to make their products in the Taobao search in the front? How to make their products to similar products in the front? How to let others find your products? To solve these problems, starting from the Xiaoqiang programmer’s thinking, to unlock the secret for you.

‘s long discussed application number came out last night, but officially called "applets."". When we have not seen a small program what long, the first small program related transaction has been completed, 3 million yuan to buy is a way of life the opportunity to subversion, or just a chance for early adopters of

Taobao search rule


2, Taobao search box, pop-up their own completion of the prompt. Such as search "Hong Kong Edition", will come out search the most, the most matching keywords, as follows.

as for why not do it themselves, the parties mean, on the one hand, take small procedures can do what, did not want to understand; on the other hand, the prospects for small programs do not want to understand, perhaps also a flash in the pan".


to find the key words, it is necessary to check the number of keywords in Taobao search every day, referred to as keywords heat. The keyword of the website can be checked from "sh419 index". And Taobao also wants similar things, this is "Taobao index", it is the necessary tool that shopkeeper optimizes Taobao title. The choice of keywords, I did not blindly select some of the most popular keywords, this kind of keyword competition is too fierce. I chose a number of heat can also, competition is not so intense keywords, such as: Hong Kong version of Wyeth 1 paragraph, Hong Kong version of the 1 sections of cattle. Keywords search heat as follows:

for just opened the shop for me, the title of the key word is not strange, before in their own website, the company’s website operation above, has already had too many profound experience. Taobao found that the main key words from the following two aspects:

new list contacted the client who was selling the invitation for the first time. It was learned that the deal had been basically completed and that the buyer was a game company that didn’t want to be named.

to be exact, the transaction is a company with 20 public numbers, of which the largest account has about 300000 female fans, and the other numbers add up to about 100000 fans. However, the core of the transaction is undoubtedly the small program’s internal invitation. According to Tencent science and technology reports, the first batch of closed beta places only 200. The so-called rare commodity.

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