breast reduction surgery for women with large breasts, that is, women suffering from breast disease. For women who want to reduce the breast of the woman through the surgical approach, it is necessary to know the problem of breast reduction surgery pain. Next, we will answer this question, and to help you understand the breast reduction surgery related matters needing attention.

1, breast reduction surgery pain

There are several

breast reduction surgery, there is a common level, vertical double Tifa, double Tifa double incision reduction mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery, Song Ruyao breast reverse double V resection method, the breast reduction surgery requires the use of local anesthetics can be carried out, in the operation process, there will be a slight pain. After the operation, the pain will increase, but most of the patients can endure. If you feel pain, it is recommended to timely medical treatment.

2, breast reduction surgery

want to do breast reduction surgery, you need to pay attention to the following matters: first, menstrual, pregnant or lactating women, not suitable for breast reduction surgery. Second, some breast reduction surgery will affect the future of breast-feeding, so, want to breastfeed the baby’s women, do not recommend those who will affect the breast of breast reduction surgery. Third, the day after the proposed bed rest, second days can be appropriate to get out of bed activities. Fourth, postoperative need to take supine position, so as to avoid the oppression to breast.


have a reduction in surgical pain, although anesthesia is used in breast reduction surgery, but the patient will experience mild pain?. Especially after the surgery, the anesthetic drug after the symptoms of pain is inevitable. If the degree of pain is more serious, it is recommended to timely medical treatment. It also introduce the relevant matters needing attention, hope to help the friends want to do breast reduction surgery.

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