Entrepreneur: Wang Feng: playing games to make money, it certainly can not accomplish great products

oral: Wang Feng founder of LineKong

2016 or will usher in the integration of space acquisition years: no one, no money, no personality, no background, I’m sorry, please out,

this process, we have experienced a lot of toss, we are from the end Tour I dark horse note: client game to get a lot of money, we just catch up when financing

talk about the feelings of the last two days. We are in the one or two months before the media released our transformation of mobile gaming strategy, speaking is not very clear, there are a lot of people ask me PC game? Today I have to clarify what we used to do PC games, including the PC web version of the game continues to maintain, and follow the development version.

I dark horse: 2014 annual candidates list of candidates, a total of 20 outstanding entrepreneurs finalists. Today the two annual I horse will introduce entrepreneurial candidates, LineKong founder Wang Feng and ten longevity founder Wang Guo, the two founders are spotted the market trend, dare to gamble entrepreneurs, a bet on mobile games, let the blue will be listed in Hongkong; a way to gamble television advertising to drive sales, let after the Korean cosmetics brand to grow, become the pig on the outlet.

"love each other" or in human nature. The public record this threshold is not high in the industry now crowded crowded competitors, founded at the beginning of this was the opposite of differences are beginning to move towards convergence.

below is entrepreneur & I dark horse interviewed Wang Feng:

I went back to the game ten years ago in 2003, and I just got into the game industry from the software industry. At that time, it is the domestic game development in the spring of 2001 is a great start, the business model of the entire game was a grand lead, let us see a good market opportunity, but the real PC games are coming of age in 2003. Looking back today, I found that ten years is almost a big circle, but fortunately we are still young, at least have a young heart.

Zhou Lingqiang, head of a small advertising company, just moved his company from a common office building last month into a public space. "Our company is small, and we work here. The rent is cheap."

at present, most of the domestic public space to "two landlords" model presented. Rent a house, simple decoration, attract some entrepreneurial team, providing sporadic entrepreneurial services, rent and service charges, you can play a joint office, incubator banner, all the way cry, has been in the air".

, last year and the year before last, we released two page tours, each with ten million dishes, but I still swim here. I told Webpage Game PC Internet era a final dividend, at that time many manufacturers do Webpage Game caught a flow of an extreme excess of opportunity, in this process, I also have a little speculative heart do Webpage Game. But the reason why I’m singing today is that the age of equipment revolution has arrived. I can totally ignore the form of page tour, and I think we should turn to mobile games in a comprehensive way.

Zhou Lingqiang told reporters, they are not entrepreneurs, but their landlord is this! He moved into a public space, is a pioneering project, the Ministry of science and technology was included in the second batch of national public record space, which in many industries, different stages of development.

According to the authoritative

sings bad page tour

from the end of last year, a public record space with capital came the sound of winter ". 2016 Spring Festival, a Shenzhen multi-creation space due to make ends meet closed, while Beijing Zhongguancun also closed down a group of incubator. At the beginning of April, Shenzhen veteran incubator peacock agency demolitions owed by the big landlords rent, some institutions settled peacock entrepreneurs in just a few days in a row suffered by the Property Office demolitions, the expulsion of the malignant scene.

media reports, in 2016 the national NPC and CPPCC, submitted by the DPP central "on the public record guide the healthy development of space of the proposal" pointed out that the current industry there are four problems in the herd, the system is not perfect, imperfect evaluation system and lack of innovation environment. And these problems may lead to "warning," the public record "boom", financial investment, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum "a waste of social resources objectively, against the social public to the ‘double’ confidence".

research data show that the first half of 2015, China is the size of the public record space is less than 70, and with the national and local policy support and a series of "hit" boom, now has more than 1.6 million public record space flowering in the country". Public data on the Deskmag web site, which tracks the trend, shows that China has grown far beyond the global total in joint office development over the past year.

proposal of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party pointed out, "in some areas, more than 70% of the start-up projects will be canceled within 3 months, which will translate into less than 10% of small and micro enterprises.". Moreover, the homogenization is serious, and the project lacks technical innovation and scientific commercial development model, which leads to the difficulty of talent gathering, the difficulty of start-up project development, the poor growth and driving ability."

I dark horse: regardless of the end of the tour or page tour, Wang Feng is hard to say. But he dare to betting on the mobile game in 2012, in order to successfully transition, even at the expense of hundreds of millions of revenue. At last he bet on, blue revenue this year is expected to be as high as 1 billion 200 million yuan, and will be listed in Hongkong. The former midfielder Jinshan mobile Internet is becoming the pioneer entertainment.

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