2, selling dead, marketing eternal life

of course, any new problem, in the eyes of innovators, is a new opportunity. Many companies are developing new products around these new issues to protect the security of virtual reality.

3, ask for help, no face,


when you are at home, you can easily and comfortably remotely debug the company’s new architectural model, and someone has quietly modified the design parameters;

where have all those sales gone,

, IT, virtual and mixed reality

after 90, living in the material, cultural and spiritual culture is extremely advanced era. Work is not the whole of their lives, not even the focus. They advocate freedom and pursue enjoyment. Natural aversion to selling such extreme murder personalities.

for these reasons, most of them exist objectively. And for such an extremely demanding job, no college offers courses and training.


however, every time a new data invasion occurs, a company rises and gives the solution to make it more secure. In addition, many companies have begun to use steganography Steganography and SpatialOS and other ways to prevent rather than fight against network security attacks, the result is not only positive, but also is changing our whole view of the Internet and technology way.


after 80, in the 70 after the cultural inspired, although not enthusiastic for such work, but not too resistant.

although the list of professional companies involved in virtual reality and augmented reality is perfect, network and data security issues still exist. According to related reports, in 2016, data leakage increased by 40%, of which 45% of the leaks occurred in the business sector. Normally, VR devices lack powerful security systems, and modern hackers can start from these devices, black into the relevant platform, thus causing serious losses to enterprises, government departments and even consumers.

… in design and development The number of startups has grown rapidly after the

countries have liberalized their investment funds. A registered company is easy, but hiring is difficult. Sales positions in particular. According to the statistics of ant recruitment, the sales volume of sales posts is very small, far below the technical and administrative positions. To this end, a number of ant recruitment visits are hiring sales customers, we generally have the following complaints: resume fewer people, about the interview, not hired to post, the gang to suck…

1, lack of stable career path

where there is a network, there are hackers. While the virtual reality and augmented reality are more and more mainstream, the means of network attack are also updated and upgraded, and destroyed by this new computing platform. This is a new important issue, let us rethink the Internet, Internet of things and data security, but also regulators, vendors, business applications and consumers to enhance attention.

or someone who has stolen your important data while you’re visiting with a virtual reality device…… Yes, this is the virtual reality, and enhance network security problems as they age.

so here comes the question. What should the bosses do,


wolf of Wall Street is actually an excellent teaching film, telling you how to motivate and train the sales team. There is no secret, under the temptation of high economic returns, there is no need to worry about finding people. This requires you to sell the product itself has very high profit margins. So, not all products are suitable for sale in the traditional way.

over the past few years, >

70, living in a time when the material is not rich, there is a strong desire for success, money and change of fortune. For sales, although this requires hot face stick cold buttocks, but can quickly accumulate connections, wealth of work in droves.

imagine that when doctors are using virtual reality therapy for patients with traumatic stress syndrome, there is an unexpected picture of the patient’s head on the screen,

7, lack of confidence in their ability to communicate

6, a large number of private time,

people generally resent selling phone calls. It is becoming more and more difficult to sell telephone calls, many of which are automatically blocked by users, not to mention the fact that it is difficult to recruit enough qualified salesmen.

, 3D

5, work pressure is big,

note: This article was compiled by the capital laboratory. The article is from alleywatch, author Samantha Donaldson.

over the past few years, although many gaming and entertainment platforms have developed a vast array of virtual reality VR content, VR has far more applications than a single game industry. In fact, the impact of VR technology in the IT field is enough to demonstrate that the technology can be effectively and continuously applied in the business and technology industries.


interviewed a large number of applicants for the recruitment of ants, and summed up the following reasons:

ants recruiting their own development experience is a good case. At the beginning.

2, income instability,

4, afraid to be rejected,

1, there will be a brave

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