dysmenorrhea basically every woman has had the experience, therefore, dysmenorrhea disease rate is quite high, but a lot of people who are granted for dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea is divided into light weight in different degrees, in addition, due to the causes of dysmenorrhea is a lot of, what is the same. There are few people will pay attention to the causes of dysmenorrhea, only a few people will prevent dysmenorrhea, then, what is the reason of severe dysmenorrhea?

Causes of severe dysmenorrhea

is divided into primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea, different diseases, known as secondary dysmenorrhea refers to the reproductive organs lesions caused by pain, like endometriosis, is a secondary dysmenorrhea, progressive features, most of the patients is lower abdomen and waist sacral, and may cause the vagina, anus, perineum or thigh, often start in pre menstrual one or two days, and on the first day of menstruation is very strong, slowly will be reduced, and in no time will disappear menstruation.

features of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease will have a relatively large range of dysmenorrhea, chronic inflammation, chronic pelvic inflammation formation of scar adhesion and pelvic congestion, often cause lower abdominal distension, pain and lumbosacral pain symptoms, and in the period before and after significantly increased. There is mainly bilateral abdominal persistent pain, will be shot to the waist, sometimes accompanied by tenesmus feeling, in addition, there are adenomyosis, this one is a characteristic of progressive dysmenorrheal, and severe spastic angina, but this one is more than thirty year above the maternal.

causes severe dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea have appeared before and after menstruation alvine or waist pain, severe pain and also to lumbosacral, there will be accompanied by nausea, cold sweats and other symptoms, so for dysmenorrhea patients, must pay attention to, dysmenorrhea is not trivial, the contents of the above details to identify causes of dysmenorrhea I hope to help you.

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