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we all know well a new station in the search engine’s eyes is not what the trust, and to optimize, it is easy to cause the search engine off, so I think that the new on-line optimization not fearless, stable development is the best way to go. So we need to work from three aspects.

some new Adsense may not set up the site key information stable alert. For each site, the most avoid is modifying the key information, especially not frequent modification. Because the search engine needs time to adapt and understand a new station, frequent changes will only make the search engine antipathy, may be the last search engine will be far away from your site.

two, the density of the key word need reasonable

optimization technology has attracted more and more attention to online marketing enterprises, a lot of new online shows a newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger situation, a line is busy doing optimization, because so many new sites in a period of time are not ideal. Some sites even after a period of time could not get out of the search engine review. In fact, the new line should pay attention to more details, rather than relying on the fearless momentum.

, a new key information do not frequently change

In fact,

for the new online site, no need to be placed to stand in the keywords, because it is the stage even if you do very well, for the role of the ranking or not, because the weight of site currently is very low. For the new station is currently the most important task at this stage is to find a way to gain the trust of the search engine, and then slowly raise the weight, have a certain weight placed in to the key words.

site content keyword stuffing to our website ranking can play a certain role, but for those who have just launched a new station, not a pile of too much of the. Because at this point in time, search engine is the most sensitive for new sites, search engines are very concerned about the quality of the content of the railway station. To join you on the site of some of the content of the keyword density too high, resulting in site content is not "real", so your site is easy to lose the love of Shanghai trust, it will make your long review period.

for some new AdSense for new sites online after a stage may see the results and not as much as they expected, snapshot, included is not good, begin to consider to change the key information. The author thinks that need not too quickly for the new station, as long as your site reasonable structure, optimization in place, then out of the search engine is not difficult and the review period.

a lot of new online went to rush to the construction of the chain, there is a momentum. But I think the site management with the management state of a sample, then to rangwai first inside, for a new station, within the site.

three, the chain construction is urgent, key

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