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note: from 70, 80 to 90, it is difficult for each generation to avoid a group of controversies. Everything is magnified in the Internet era, the 90 after the label more representative, self, and innovative ability, personal independence of conduct social media that rely heavily on… We have to… 90. After the paste too many labels, of course there is a very important label: entrepreneurship.

now, Taobao’s life is still no more than before, in addition to the birth of the shopping assistant, as well as search engines, bad temper, peer pressure competition, which are Taobao customers living reason for embarrassment.

second: transition to industry websites. It’s easier said than done, but it’s more difficult to do. To complete this transformation, you need to complete the following material Basics:

1 you sell for now >

In fact, >

they used to express themselves in what way? That is held by removing the veil of myth, they really hope those young and how? Ti media hope from the small to get some answers on their visit.

titanium media visited the recent high attention of four after 90 entrepreneurs, their personalities are different, but always hold the mentality of breaking the existing industry rules, continue to explore the road to entrepreneurship. Their field of entrepreneurship involves traditional industries, O2O, Internet banking, and even the space industry. They, like all entrepreneurs, face the same challenges and face the challenge of "subversion".

special is the beef cattle house, this rice noodle shop is by a Peking University Master’s degree after 90 days, Zhang days with 3 small partners forced to raise 100 thousand dollars and opened. But… You, a graduate of Beijing University, go to sell rice noodles. How do you tell your teacher how to say to your friends, and how to say "

pictured Zhang Tianyi, founder of volt cattle Hall

2011 has imperceptibly less than half of the past, in the past six months, Taobao customer life lengnuanzizhi, most of the Taobao customer still silent trying, until the 360 shopping assistant turned out, how many Taobao customers began to stand up; although this is just a browser plugin, not even the default browser plug-in, only 360 of the publicity really awesome, as long as the publicity itself, the term Taobao customers may become history. As a result, Taobao to go off to the soft volley, just let the momentum was drowned. Shopping assistant.



, now the shopping assistant plug-in did not die, now go to the 360 browser website can also find a shopping assistant, a shopping assistant seems better than before the shopping assistant was even more violent, not only allows users in taobao shopping, also can let users in the mall, Jingdong listed dangdang the website shopping rebate, it is the ultimate weapon against CPS, as long as there is CPS shopping assistant, the words are likely to become history. Of course, that’s the most pessimistic guess. We never believe that.

Zhang Tianyi: because of the fear of a certain life, so choose another life state

choose entrepreneurship, all forced

start at the beginning of the pressure and confusion, barberry church founder Zhang Tianyi told a story to us: it happened in 50s Chinese, then president Liu Shaoji, met in Beijing at that time a nightman, he is a national model worker, less when holding chairman Qi his hand said so, I told you this no different, but the division is different, is for the service of the people. This story actually gave me a very big touch. I think our time is not entirely a fertile era, a generation of experience may still have to guide the next generation, because he gave me a convey such experience or a message, that is a small thing, you are willing to do. Do a lifetime, you will finally realize your personal value and social value.

later referred to other Taobao sites in the same industry, and we decided to start local information websites, and also to promote local products while providing local information. Of course, when we started to do, must have patience, to the length of the plan! Our website transformation from the beginning to now, has been slowly showing some experience and basis, I believe that in the near future, rapid growth can achieve profit.

, if your answer is yes, then I would like to tell you some of the transformation of Taobao customers way out!


is also inspired by the story. Zhang Tian was determined to do it and have to do it well.

then, in the face of peer competition, search engines, bad temper, and now 360 shopping plug-in powerful promotion, then it is necessary to think about, we do Taobao customers way out where? Need to transition?

first, transition to the information website, the advertising revenue as the basic starting point, and then based on the original content on the promotion of Taobao products! For example, our previous 057366 is designed to do Taobao customers, 08 years now, although in a short span of two years, no earn a lot of money, but money is still a bit! But since the 360 launch of the shopping plug-in, just less than two months, profits plummeted! Would be an exaggeration to say that the profit tends to zero profit stage

, what about a bowl of rice noodles specially made up of 90? How about this? You can go to the beef house directly, because it sells rice noodles specially.

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