every webmaster should have a webmaster, especially new sites, often go to capture this diagnosis, convenient operation of the site webmaster about whether big problem. If the spider crawling always fails, and the quality of the chain do good is not included. Of course, there are many Webmaster Platform function, web examination, to understand the security situation of the website, data statistics, data submission, code sharing and other functions. Webmaster Platform tool is very simple, it is easy to operate and often included and ranking of the site is very helpful.

above is the editor of new online summary tested, if you have a better way, and I welcome the exchange.


station optimization and sustained release began to do stand outside promotion, mainly to allow the search engine to trust you. It is the chain quality in the relevant industry chain platform, like other sites on our website to vote, the higher the weight of the website on our website links more, faster, better ranking, this is the core. In a word: the chain resources requirement is correlation, the weight is high, the chain has a long cycle, the number of slowly increasing.

After the

second, excellent station promotion

Some practical experience,

, first of all is the original degree and the quality of

when you put the above two steps are good, while the following is the beginning of the test results. The first collection to check the chain, the chain is not included no effect. Whether it is soft is Links. In addition to their own articles included, web article link outside the station promotion, will contribute to the collection.

website set up early, must follow the principle of gradual, updated every day 3-5 article, not too much. In addition to the content of the article is some experience of their own, do not go online plagiarism, certainly can learn from the ideas of good. For example, Shanghai dragon industry webmaster, you will see A5 business network which has a large number of excellent articles, useful, record real articles, and are integrated in a concise manner posted to the site, of course, but also pay attention to the layout of the article, to ensure the readability.

third, every day will do the optimization work of

fourth, regular site diagnosis

major search engines have a review period of new sites, new sites to quickly included and ranking, all owners are most concerned about, especially the newcomers Shanghai Longfeng novice. If a new station using the new domain name, then included a little slower than the old domain, in addition to this, the other is basically the same. Here are several new fast included and ranking method, as long as we persist, there will be an unexpected effect.

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