profit model is to do after determining the site development direction of the decision is to rely on the flow of advertising, or looking for a sponsor? Or do VIP fee? No profitable website good will inevitably affect the growth height. Profit model should be selected from the website: website type, scale, target the masses, as well as the promotion of budget start. What type of website, corresponding to a what kind of group, the profit maximizing profit model is the most suitable for the growth of website profit point. Don’t rely on Shanghai dragon to do traffic, some even less accurate flow, the value is far beyond the garbage flow. The development of the Internet now, in fact, it has been very difficult to compete for customers. Choose a good profit model, but not affect the basic use of the user, is a must in the development of the website "

: the nature of the industry development prospects

Shanghai dragon

two: profit model to determine the development height of

The popular

is good, but some sites even if the website optimization technology to use extreme nor can bring income, or there will be many restrictions which has no income is not impossible. Or that some of the most popular ones have the website categories, but now keep going by painstaking effort is not in the minority. Select the construction site, do not love, when the passion, in the face of reality when the total consumption of light passion. Or some people say, not I do a few stations can not it? There is always a right. But a person’s ability is limited, how to ensure that all stations are all? If not, then it is the construction of garbage station, such practices as a start construction to save more garbage station. Here is really a little bit of advice for some webmaster, no income, in fact, did not determine the nature of the industry occupy the majority of owners. What kind of website development? If not sure if I recommend the station to see the A5 webmaster weekly "baby" topic, you will get a lot of things to learn from them. In addition some information in A5 station "interview" articles, which are the successful experience of website understanding, not to deliberately imitate you, see more profitable industry situation is bound to have a clear understanding.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology, this is a good thing, but why some large portal station is not very cold this content? Journal of even itself are sick of Shanghai Longfeng content. The other two criteria: first, Shanghai dragon changed from the Pope, can speak little problem, but repeated repeat the relevant content; second: website optimization technology lack of authoritative credibility; third: the only subject of Shanghai not to judge the quality of the Dragon website, and whether the site profitable or not with the Shanghai dragon. There are a lot of Web site optimization in place, no profit in the majority, not how to do web site optimization are also many, but also has a lot of successful profit. The webmaster should not be Shanghai dragon infinite "myth", the official website optimization, you will get more.

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