Encyclopedia of Shanghai actually did not imagine the difficulties, on the contrary, sometimes feel very simple. If you want to do the entry has been done, it is easy to pass, you only need to add a picture, with their own links in the picture, the passing rate is high. There was a time when I did, the rate reached 100%. If no one is doing entry through rate relatively low point, but as long as you write must conform to the rules, the general is not difficult. This is like playing games, the rules, you must obey, love, or gameover. Here is my website background from Wikipedia to the flow of every day.

actually love Shanghai know than SOSO and ask for a higher weight, but the difficulty is more than doubled, what is more, do more love Shanghai know, love Shanghai will artificially removed the link. This kind of thing I have witnessed several times. But occasionally do have sex or can know Shanghai. Especially the higher grade easily brought outside the chain, but a number seems to only one day to do two or three. It is easy to guide the user clicks on the link source of high quality of the chain. This is what I know to flow from the website every day.

three, Shanghai

Two, the Shanghai Encyclopedia




Shanghai dragon circles spread the word: "content is king, the chain for the emperor". As can be imagined, the chain is how important. But how to do the chain, how do the chain is effective and ER Shanghai Longfeng their headache. Here I share with you the effective practice of the chain. The chain is indexed by search engines, and frankly speaking you in other web site or anchor text can click to your site, and this site or the anchor text corresponding to the page has been included in Shanghai love. The chain is an important factor to improve the keywords ranking, the following is my most often do the chain stability.

, thank you!

as long as you have the patience to ask, is a very good source of chain. You can buy 100 QQ, out of which some questions, some good answer. Because it is new, the best answer No. QQ keep only answer 3 questions, with a number of cross and so on. This will be a stable source of chain. Here is my website from ask to traffic every day.

and SOSO ask

know love

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