breast self-examination is divided into three steps:

first step: before the mirror inspection. First, you stand in front of the mirror, bare upper body, arms hanging on both sides to observe the shape of their breasts. It is important to be familiar with the appearance of your normal breasts, as soon as you have any abnormalities. However, one side of the breast is slightly larger than the other side, not abnormal.

then, holding his arms over his head, turned his body to see if the shape of the breast was changing. Then, both hands akimbo right left slowly rotating body, see if the nipple and breast sag, swelling or skin damage.

finally, the palms of both hands on the hips, and pressure down, while rotating the body, so that the outline of the breast will be clear. Pay attention to observe whether the abnormal changes in the shape of the breast, such as the discovery of abnormal changes, need to be compared with the other side, to observe whether bilateral symmetry. If the asymmetry, it is necessary to raise vigilance and timely medical treatment.

second step: standing or sitting check. First of all, put your left hand on your head, then use your right hand to check the left breast. The correct range of breast examination: up to the clavicle, down to the sixth rib, lateral to the axillary front, the medial side near the sternum.

The correct approach

examination: three fingers close together, from the above 12 points (the breast breast as a clock), with fingers clockwise loop close to the skin for massage inspection, each inspection after the end of a circle back to 12 points, down to 2 cm second ring. For third laps, check the entire breast to the nipple. When the test can not be separated from the skin of the fingers, the force should be uniform, grasp the strength of the finger to touch the ribs is appropriate. This method is called cyclic Shiatsu massage. After checking the left breast, put your right hand on the head, with the left hand to check the right breast, check the same method.

before you check the entire breast, with the index finger, middle finger and thumb and squeeze gently to bring the nipple, carefully check any discharge. If you have a discharge, you should go to the hospital for further examination.

third step: supine examination. Body lying on the bed, towel shoulder pad only small pillow or folded, so that the whole breast flat on the chest wall, in order to check there are no abnormal breast lumps. Because the sitting or standing position when breast ptosis, especially body fat than women, is located in the lower part of the easy missing breast masses, so it is necessary to check the position of the same. The scope of the inspection and manipulation of the same seat or stand the same check.

(internship editor: Zheng Yanjun)

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