In two,

1, the use of

, a blog to rectify the label, some high repetition and useless tags will delete merge, reducing the number of labels.

blog just established, each published an article he would bring some labels in, there are two reasons.

three, improve the weight of the article page, do more article pages outside the chain, the weight lifting.

so, the website label of the large increase in the short term, there is no article a few.

love Shanghai for technical reasons, the blog in Google included all the normal label page and the article page are included, only love Shanghai preference tab. Asked some peers, love is the answer to Shanghai zblog program is so, wait for.

In three,

is the most terrible, web site tab also updated once every few days, but the site of the article page has heard, even before the collection of several article pages are missing. In the blog, fell in love with the sea became a label content free "label station".

have to say, love Shanghai to the railway station, faster, a few days included blog. Included when there is excitement, love Shanghai technology improves, but also for the majority of the work site in relief. Site, included two pages, although most labels, but the page did not care how, think of love Shanghai high tag weight, a few days will put out the article page. But this is a few days, four months, they are like ants on a hot pan.

blog weight low, early in the A5 and Chinaz submission, love Shanghai ranking, A5 and chanz that the article is original, my blog is plagiarism.

my blog is using the zblog program, when the blog also consider using WordPress, but I was lazy, with easy to use zblog. But the encounter is that they are a pain, is used to talk about the website of the label and the morbid love love Shanghai.

, wait for four patient, although do not want to say, but this is the last resort. Now Shanghai has a collection of love blog article page, but wait.

two, modify the label content, streamlined label content, and the content of the article page so that it will not have too much to repeat.

first, long tail keywords strategy is good, but also published an article to create trouble; conversely, pages, use tags to replace, quickly and easily.

second, what is the test to love Shanghai weight on the label.

2, Shanghai love to label morbid love

3, "tag station" causes and solutions

label website

causes a label, too much, dispersed the article page weight; label content too much, and the article page page is the high repetition, love Shanghai think it useless to hide.

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