since ancient times, breasts have been seen as a symbol of women’s body, the ancient Greek artists carved nude women and Renaissance European artists in the creation of the goddess of beauty, will highlight the perfect breast. Breast is not only used to nurture future generations, but also the dissemination of the charm of women, men have an important part of sexual attraction. A study found that 10 of the women in the body of the site, 40% of men believe that the breast is the most fascinating.

recently, the India Times article, said the man was born with a fascination with the breast, which is related to hormone secretion. American biologist Larry Blaine and Dr. Yang?? Dr. Alexander in their book analysis, from a physiological point of view, is a kind of attractive young male breast milk is "bound" to breast fetish. When the mother takes care of the newborn, it stimulates the hypothalamus to release oxytocin. Oxytocin not only let women produce milk, also can let the newborn remember mother looks, sounds and smells, so it has strong power in close relation between mother and infant, also has a strong role in the catalyst in the days after the lovers.

in order to attract their partners, every woman wants to have a pair of perfect breasts. But what kind of breast is the most perfect, the most attractive? In fact, judging the breast "beautiful" and not standard, not only in size, but also should have the following characteristics, so as to form a unified and harmonious and human form, feminine smooth, rounded, graceful curve of beauty.

strong hemisphere. The ideal shape of the breast should be hemispherical, and relatively strong. Plastic surgery has been part of China’s unmarried young women breasts were measured and found 1.6 meters tall women, the standard breast volume should be 150 – 350 ml. In general, the milk axis (from the breast to the nipple to the height of the surface) height of 4 – 6 cm, about 1/2 of the diameter of the breast base, which is a hemispherical breast, is the most beautiful Chinese women breast. But in life, people always think breast bigger is better, in fact, the most ideal Asian breast should be B – C cup.

bilateral basic symmetry. Bilateral size, shape, location of the basic symmetry for the most beautiful. Breast position should be higher, in the second to sixth ribs; the nipple should be located fourth ribs on the shoulders and elbows, almost in the center. In addition, the middle of the two clavicle depression and the connection between the two nipples, if it can be a positive triangle, is the most ideal, perfect form.

soft and elastic. The breast is composed of fat and breast tissue, and breast tissue texture is higher than the fat toughness, but the feeling is not fat ideal. Therefore, the higher the proportion of fat, breasts feel better, the more flexible. With the growth of age, as well as fertility and lactation, the proportion of fat in the breast will be reduced, the elasticity of the breast and feel will be decreased accordingly.

areola pink brown. A survey showed that the majority of people believe that the ideal of the nipple and areola is brown powder. The nipple is a uniform cylindrical, slightly upward, bilateral symmetry, the general diameter range is 0.6 – 0.8>

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