, or personal webmaster or site for the location is not very clear, the enterprise station fortunately, at least, have goals, have a product, this website building up the fundamental content of reference, some personal webmaster and I once met a lot, just have an idea, and there is no in-depth study on the industry, as the company I used to work before the boss, though a bit of money, but a mouth shows his amateur. He said three years to create a NetEase, this probably sounds like a lot of people is just a joke, and not seriously, but the boss right thing, buy a server, the direct use of the 163 template to do the employees on the 35, was operating the company’s corporate website, but be transferred to such a site may only pay no income. After several months of efforts, and his participation, finally, he felt that he should give up the three years of the ideal, the heart is too big, do not understand the source for things. A large portal, 163 with thousands of staff, have their own team of reporters, editorial team, technical team and their own server room, want to create such a site in a short period of time, there is not enough funding and technical support, I believe that it is difficult to do. I believe that many of the owners in the construction site have such a dream.

Whether it is business or

website optimization is not a short duration of time that, in the process of optimization, the construction site from the early beginning, to the site on the line, that all the problems encountered, are many webmaster once or now are trying to solve the problem. Today Beijing website optimization company director Yang Ying, for your simple summary, the problems encountered in the process of website optimization.

search engine optimization techniques, is also changing in nature, but the Internet industry is in a rapid development, more and more enterprises have seen the future of the Internet, the Internet began to plan their dream. Wealthy companies can use the money to create a successful website, but for us ordinary small website, use it to the construction site, is clearly not realistic. I believe that many small businesses or individuals, the use of the site is basically a template, because the individual to design a web site and then develop the function of a first column problem, a web site to the line from the construction, at least a month or longer. The template obviously has its unique function.

many sites lack of product positioning for products and websites in the early stage of construction.

With the changing of

each construction site, only to be successful, but few people will want to fail to do, for the website construction and operation have never done the planning, never really get to know your website related to industry. The site on the early and planning period to understand the market, understand the future development of the website, website on-line, using what.

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