, a position of competitive strength of

two, the website profit pattern

then why do I want to say this? Many webmaster friends in the website do not carefully thought about your website profit model in the end is what. The site’s profit is equivalent to you this site do it for what. For example: do meet user demand price after the mall so his profit is by selling goods to profit, but if others do the price needs to sell goods, the market is already saturated in case you do shopping right? Then we will make a profit model. A mall successful case for everyone to listen to perhaps everyone will have to help. Beautiful said do not know webmaster friends know? The main profit model is beautiful "

less shadow said, not every keyword you can easily achieve the home page, even do you pay the cost will be far greater than the benefits, so that the first to locate your site content your site size analysis of the degree of competition. To see your keywords competition is not fierce, there is no place for us. What are our position? It depends on your peers who meet the user needs, and also did not meet those requirements, if not satisfied that we can order the demand for positioning, to do this one. For example: less shadow Shanghai Longfeng meet the analysis for the novice white Shanghai dragon website, Shanghai dragon research center to meet the public and users to download video on demand, and the Admin5 forum is to meet the needs of the users to discuss. So we want to do Shanghai, then we’ll find out they have yet to meet those needs of users. For example: the user wants to do demand, video demand, user query demand, user demand Shanghai dragon tools. For example, you do is mall site is do user demand, as the price has to meet the user demand when we do? We have to do is to find out the potential needs of users according to the price demand. Such as: users are concerned about the price, so we do offer? We do product quality? So in the website before must locate your site.

site location is to locate the future development direction of your website, you call you the same fill volunteer to participate in college entrance examination. Site location is also on your web site keywords can do, how long will it take to make up, there is no advantage, make up it brought what kind of profit for your website. China ancient Lao Tzu said: zhirenzhe wisdom, zizhizhe ming. Means: to know others eutrapelia, know yourself to be called wise, can overcome others called strong, can control their own talent is strong. That is to say you have to know your own website itself and others site advantages and disadvantages. You have what kind of ability. Because not every words you can easily achieve the home page, to pay the cost is far greater than the benefits. So we must do the positioning of the website.

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