how to optimize the user experience, I draw several conclusions according to their website:

5, focusing on user experience details, for example some company website, the multiple pictures, pictures do not deal with, cause the pages open slow loading, loading for a long time, after all, still need to pull half the world pull box, so the image to be compressed, the article should have paging. In addition some website registration registration inquiry, requires the user to fill in a lot of data, this approach is not desirable.

4, a lot of enterprises websites are display products, mostly pictures and text, but there is a large number of products and to release the text, more products, users are not easy to find, and some do not even want to flip, so to improve the products with a few sets of classification and product search function. Also the best to provide a product map.

2, website content is not updated continuously, sometimes for days in the update, there is only a few weeks, updated once a few months, saw a lot of company website content immutable and frozen on the internet. If there is no need to continuously update, so it not to write the update time, if there is an update time, will continue to update. Such a view will allow users to feel someone in the enterprise web site management, not just decoration.

1, first is the master www.chuandao贵族宝贝, looking to open a pop-up window full page fly, this is a common problem for most enterprise website, what pop-up QQ chat window, other commercial contact window. The home improvements, to be concise, the so-called concise is to open the home page to quickly find the user wants to see things, such as product information, enterprise quality culture, business contact.

6, the company opened their website to see the title to the description to the article, and then to all products, industrial washing machine, industrial washing equipment, washing machine, washing equipment, washing machine, washing equipment, washing.

recently a friend left Wuhan, leaving his work for nearly three years IT maintenance jobs, came to a company in Shanghai (Shanghai Kawashima Emi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is) equipment of large-scale industrial washing machine, go before he hesitated, because he had to do a while before Shanghai dragon. But it is amateur. So before you go with me to talk for a.

company’s website because they do the bidding, and the same industry in many auction, and consciously optimize. Look at their website, I only gave a suggestion, that is must optimize the user experience.

3, the company also has a website www.clmwashing贵族宝贝, open a look that is 1000 Bo corporate website, and all artists have not changed, the online business website machine-made, art template code is the same, so let users doubt how website layout is all one, even fatigued. Therefore, the code of the website to choose their own design, have their own creative art.

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