search engine query, query, query, trans PR love Shanghai weight query, keyword ranking query, long tail keywords mining, and so on the query tool these query tools are often innumerable, can help us more accurately judge the performance of its search engine website, also can help us to understand the basic situation of the peers and even competitors the site to a certain extent, and guess the direction of their development.

acquisition tools, each article site will need to manually add, which for some new sites, is really extremely demanding. Acquisition tool, certainly achieved the day thousands of articles updates — as long as you want.

but, as we all know, a large number of collected articles, on the practical significance to the small Shanghai dragon can be ignored.


in fact, these problems are attributed to a tool. All the webmaster webmaster tools, the work is more effective. However, it can be said that no one can replace the tool "Shanghai dragon", a good webmaster tools just let you work more detailed, more targeted. Therefore, Shanghai Longfeng need to use the tools, but also to go beyond the tool.


actually, we need to go beyond these query tools display data representation, and use it to learn and understand the opponent to beat opponents.

tools, traffic statistical tools can fully show the real price of our website.

tools query tool

tool collection tool

collection tool? Before the

so, how to make better use of the

Two kinds of

someone in the group asked today: why Google has included but not trans? Why different websites to check out the love of Shanghai is not the same as the weight of

Compared with other

early in the site, is also the site yet before the line, need some basic website article number. At this time, we can use the basic data collection tools, to enrich the work. Once the line on the website, you need to stop the acquisition, instead of using manual or pseudo original original, the only way is to make good use of the acquisition tool, and really can enhance the site’s weight and included.

tools three traffic statistics tool


, however, all of these tools can only be used as a reference value of the query results. For example, Google’s anti chain, sometimes we add some weight high website links, but has not been Google anti chain appears, is not that it has no effect. In fact, some optimization methods step by step, is time tested. There is the so-called love Shanghai love weight problem, Shanghai official has never launched a weight value, even a guide and reference for such words are not, therefore, if we love in Shanghai too tangled with the weight, it seems hypocritical

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