2, in the angle of writing on the change of

A man named Geoff Forster

here to give a very common example, I have a friend who is doing the appliance repair, he is a professional maintenance of the master, is very familiar with the fault phenomenon, because a little network and Shanghai dragon, so the content of the website is written by myself, I found him very website ranking well, one of the most important characteristic is that the article basically is the fault of the specific cases, the equivalent of a diary every day of their work, which he basically belong to the original form and content. Another form of content is the form of questions and answers, now many websites are in use, but the strict implementation of the good is not much, a site before my ranking is prepared through this kind of form, basically are original. See the following format:

from PRNewswire spread (Jeff Foster) the author compiled "17 kinds of content" noble love for our baby, as a high quality content and writing skills in the pursuit of lovers, here are very grateful for his dedication, only to 17 kinds of content sources so detailed written thinking, believe that after everyone reading this article will learn many writing skills of high quality content. This optimization based on this article, I talk about the combination of love Shanghai optimization ideas of how to do the content.

the form of questions and answers

1, in the form of content change of

Google as the world’s largest search engine, is relatively the most professional search engine, the algorithm of content preferences determine the preferences most search engines on the content, the content in the 17 kinds of love in the changes described in the form of content diversity, can be a representative of a celebrity or people of the contents of the interview form, also is the ten largest brand in a sector or on a particular phenomenon five reasons for fine finishing, can also be a story according to the popular event in the creation of a comment or injury to men inflicted by evil persons, also have a knowledge point through their own practice case analysis. Or on the news events of the bid, or a bold prediction practice as the development trend of content and form, in Google requires us in the form of content change The major principles to master three words: novel, exquisite, connotation.

never stand on a point of view, because we see only one direction of vision, we need to constantly change the angle, can see all the problems will be more thorough, written in the website content is actually the same reason, multi angle change writing can the problem analysis a more thorough and creative methods are new content. 17 kinds of content like Google, the angle of writing can be conversational interview perspective, can also stand in the top ten brands of their own subjective judgement, five reasons, or stand on our own point of criticism with a strong emotional one, can also use the >

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