5, a large number of links that mistakenly buy. Some people are impatient, buy high quality links, want to put the site quickly to line up, but the search engine is not so easy to cheat, a large number of high quality chain, will certainly arouse suspicion, was pinned to the search engine it will extend the new station included time, the old station, directly the influence in the rankings. So, to remind you that everything must not overdo sth..


we all know, the chain is very important for a web site, but some problems need to pay attention to the site outside the chain you would not necessarily know, many people are blind to the hair of the chain, a few problems here to share with you the site outside the chain need to pay attention to.

1, can not be too hasty, not in the same place too much of the chain. This is the most likely for the new station, make the taboo. Love Shanghai and Google optimization and optimization is different, love Shanghai to new sites included, Google for new sites included fast, but the love of Shanghai is the boss, some Adsense watch has not been included, it is turn iron into steel! A nasty under, may be hard to send the chain, because of the increase of the chain contribute to the site included. For the old station, not a sudden increase, or may be the search engine that is cheating, this should be a gradual process, a bit like building a house, only step by step to steady.

6, remember that misuse of bulk software. Some people use the soft mass software or other in some forums, blogs and so on, the software is software, can realize intelligent, in some places or had to modify the articles within the same time a large number of short in the place, write well, that is to say, useful for all of us no, what harm, if they can’t write how search engines, on your impression greatly reduced, serious, "

method steps The

3, good quality of the chain. For example, the forum signature, can bring the chain, so some people have been in the station issued reply, because the signature weight itself is not high, more natural also reduces the quality of the chain, so the signature should be used with caution and moderation. Soft published in some high weight website, this is the best way to increase the chain.

2, outside the chain this paper cut some words wrong. Sometimes, we do not use those words, but after two word up may be some words, but the search engine is the machine, not artificial, not yet intelligent so strong, or be careful.

published an article in 4, and related web sites. Think this is very important, and if you often published in some soft related websites, the website visitors see, always feel wrong as it is, but also related to the user experience, and now the search engine more and more attention to the user experience, but also more and more strict, but as long as we strictly some of the standard license to do, the chances of success are.

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