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test: last week the chain blog every day Hu Yibo are less likely to be more than 10 so I began to pay attention, rarely found in almost all the chain forum. First of all do a little test, I will anchor text behind the signature in the A5 with a website domain name, of course this is not related to the weight of the domain. Sure enough second days outside the chain began to increase, so that the anchor text Forum outside the chain of love Shanghai has begun a decrease in weight. But the weight is to some, but not high.

many owners in recent days also paid close attention to the change in love Shanghai, love Shanghai change seems to be for the chain piece. A lot of people BBS signature chain and blog outside the chain of love Shanghai seems to have been deleted. Hu Yibo in the last week that have been concerned about this issue, at that time is not very determined after a week of testing can now determine the BBS signature chain is love Shanghai drop right..

I will use other ways to replace the forum signature, the articles I have written on how to get outside the chain of "how to do" effectively and high quality of the chain operation mode with an article to watch. I will stop here, because I was busy yesterday a night in the brain has been half asleep so the quality of the article I also didn’t care too much, just want to put these share to you in the first time..

test: two Hu Yibo yesterday to test again on my blog to reprint a few articles in the A5 Forum on copyright and anchor text, when this morning check has been included in Shanghai love. Therefore, the external in forum posts within the chain is still has weight.

although the weight of BBS signature is greatly reduced, of course, do BBS signature chain can still do. Even without the addition of domain name in the anchor text behind through the relevant domain to increase the chain number included, as long as the anchor text is still more or less weight, but not in the show in Shanghai love chain query data. This is also when there is a certain good because every time Hu Yibo check of the chain will use the YAHOO tools to query, where the weight and the data show more accurate. Now it seems that love Shanghai is also improving in this direction. So, after the chain links also can be more precise.

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