1) keyword density: remember there are written written specifically is a page keyword density best at about 2%-8%, I believe many of my friends know, but do you know from this point, there are many people infected? Maybe we are starting from the data, and then the precise control problem the density of each page, that time also said Shanghai dragon why home Shanghai Longfeng keyword density reached more than 15%, but still firmly occupy Shanghai dragon ranking, could explain what? Or so, now a page keyword more and more fine, but you cannot control every a keyword, because the page contains the main keywords, long tail keywords, then slowly extends the achievement of a single page, this page is unable to control.

and, more importantly, when you accept the Shanghai dragon interview, if the examiner asks you, how much is a page keyword density, how should you answer? This problem is for everyone to think about it, if it is you, what should you do; and my approach is Shanghai dragon is not have theoretical knowledge, some are those obtained by observation of practical knowledge, Shanghai dragon no keyword density this little frame, some of their own the wise remark of an experienced person. So in this issue, you can not answer, but said, Shanghai Dragon said no keyword density, more or less, the ranking factors are not careful, the user experience is everything.

I always believe the incubator here is the key word formed by Shanghai dragon propaganda form combination, indeed "long tail keywords, long tail keywords, long tail keywords – the name of the company" and so on, these both for the main keyword or long tail keywords are good effect, but we should not forget, if Title it is the accumulation of key word, so all these words is not enough, in this case, all kinds of enterprises through optimizing the long tail word order, an enterprise has at least 5-6 website (this is gossip); under this title, a lot of optimization method of the optimization of the enterprise stand is that the first change the title (the long tail – tail form), and then through the chain, then about 1->

always think is Shanghai dragon created such a title, as shown in figure

in those years, the per capita Shanghai dragon skills if there are rules, from the beginning of the 09 year contact Shanghai Longfeng, is from a Book started to pay attention to this industry, review the previous life, look at the past Shanghai dragon skills, so want to write an article in Shanghai Longfeng tutorial article, in those years we had to chase the dragon in Shanghai skills, perhaps, you remember, please do not too much to pay attention to these partial theory written, see all, are on their own from a bit slowly mining.

2) familiar with the parallelism sentence title


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