had heard someone say girl nipple without sexual life is pink, often only sex with a person of color becomes deep, so that a lot of girls because of being ridiculed, but not to the public bathroom to bathe. In fact, these are rumors, girls do not believe.

nipple and the color of the perineum as the skin color in general, is determined by the genetic, the depth of its color, basically, and often have no relationship.

breasts are made up of mammary glands (glands and ducts) and subcutaneous fat. Girl breast is not yet fully mature, but due to the filling of fat, the breast is gradually swelling up, it is one of the symbols to distinguish between men and women.

has some pink, some people prefer coffee, while women in production after endocrine changes caused by hormones, relative to the nipple and areola color deepened and expanded phenomenon.

but some fair skinned women, family several times, even to the old nipple are pink, she is still a virgin? The labia color is also a childless woman It differs from man to man., most are bright red, and vice versa for deep wine red or amber, but when stimulated, it due to congestion and dark purple.

normal nipple is cylindrical, stretched out of the breast plane is about 1.5-2 cm, was a nodular shape, if the nipple is not high out of the skin of the breast, and the pull is not high, known as nipple retraction.

some people say that the deeper the nipple color, sexual experience is also rich, and this is correct?

The answer is

when the body begins to sexual stimulation, the person’s nipples often become larger, the color will be deeper, and everyone can not say a different development, the nipple is lighter, experience is not rich, while B nipple color is deep, experience is rich. Even the bed performance is strong, there is no evidence to support these.

(Editor: Jiang Rong)

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