first, increase the quality of website content and frequency. Many users leave the site but there are several reasons, one is the content of poor quality can not meet the specific needs, of course that is of no value to the user to pay is tantamount to castles in the air, fundamental whimsical, content is the soul of the website, users click to enter to search for information, help to improve them so the quality of website content, can satisfy users’ reading needs, for their valuable information provided by the user for reading time will be extended. Secondly, the content of the update frequency is low, just after the user reading website article is open to see a week or even a month before writing especially for the information site, these old information is the key to forcing users to leave, so reduce the two core points of exit rate we must first do the above basic.

third, a reasonable set of Web site map. The site map is the site of the program, as we go to a new city will can’t help access local map information, map clearly shows where you are and where we would go directly to the distance, is very useful for us to select the appropriate route, the site map is a truth, the website map can set let the user and search engine for intuitive website main channels and columns have >

as everyone knows, many owners have complained about the website optimization website ranking is not good, the ranking fluctuated, he has been in the chain, but the site has not released the contents of calm, what is the reason? The author analyzes the core is the key site bounce rate problem, your content is original, the chain quality is good. But the user does not pay, I think this time we want to fundamentally solve the problem is to carefully analyze our weakness in there, 15 years in January 14 is the last Chinese men’s soccer Asian Cup ahead of qualifying, so that the majority of fans are encouraged to Chinese second half physical problem is always the key problem in foot attack, coach Perrin yesterday ready to let us see, physical problems can be solved effectively, to find methods, can let people shine at the moment, when Although the website optimization is a truth, we should also reduce the bounce rate as well, directly into the topic.

second, increase the recommendation function of related web pages. We know this can greatly enhance the user’s access time, effectively reduce the rate of the main exit site, recommended in the article page related articles, with Dede friends may know, behind each article has a reading plate, if you can find a similar careful webmaster webmaster net, push the industry website is the basic way for the user can expand the learning and understanding of related knowledge, its purpose is to provide users with a lot of relevant content to help users quickly find the required knowledge, user needs to be satisfied, of course, the user will stay longer, this it is very easy to understand, so it is very necessary to increase the functional characteristics of reading at the bottom of the article.

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