has discovered that the structure has a lot of things to be modified, or not conducive to Shanghai dragon’s request, so I in the search engine search settings of the related articles. With search engines, are half an expert in this sentence is justified in any industry, for I do not understand the code of the rookie, you can find some related settings, not to mention the master. So the search engine is a good helper for us.

second: the title of the article title, by default, in the page title display is the name + Title blog name, do Shanghai dragon all know that this is not conducive to the search engines, so how to modify the method is very simple, is to find single.html in the template file, also found the same single.html. Title found this line of code changed to < title> < #BlogTitle#> < #ZC_MSG044#> < #ZC_BLOG_TITLE#> < /title>, this article will become the page title + blog name. Do not change before modifying the article page, need to find the original page file, modify directly where >

the last few days, in his study of personal blog, so last night I downloaded a zblog program, I also learn and most people are not the same, many celebrities are generally their name or name as the domain name English pinyin. And I was at the site of the two directory of this blog, there are two main reasons: first, I set up a website on New Year’s day, the content is not much, want to use blog to add a little update on the website; second, my name spelling was actually a furniture registered. I am quite Speechless, I also do not have what English characteristics such as name, name. So the mind, installed directly on the site of the two zblog program directory.

modification in zblog place, for the novice can play a valuable role for the master can be ignored, or give me some advice, because I am also a rookie.

I think we should talk about the following simple

: the first page title, set the title of the site in the background of the zblog, the proposed site sub title (I can not write because it is not written); I set in the title of the last households a small bar "-", this is because my website titles did not write, if write the website of the sub title, so in a small bar behind will display the written content, so it is necessary to find the default.html (in the template folder inside the TEMPLATE inside), find the title code only < #ZC_BLOG_TITLE#> the other, are deleted, so your blog title is that you set the title, not a little bar.

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