you husband the Shanghai dragon why one hundred thousand website why. Was surprised to discover that this has changed almost 2-3 years Chinese Shanghai Longfeng revised first forum unexpectedly large area. I believe all know that Shanghai dragon major webmaster friends in China, Shanghai dragon why forum in the past has been so far in the word love Shanghai Shanghai dragon basic search engine ranked first. This is incomparable in many Shanghai dragon training institutions, the husband is the site should be said has been a main way for stability. Let Wang Baochen did not expect in September 18, 2011 after 0 in the morning to the revision. Figure:

2. what is the reason that husband decided to revision of the Shanghai dragon why forum for

? Why

1. Shanghai dragon why home page revision to the

first, we first analyze why Shanghai dragon why forum to be revised, that frequented Shanghai dragon why forum friends will find a situation that the vocabulary of Shanghai Longfeng although Shanghai Longfeng why ranked the last 2, 3 years is very stable. But the web site has been maintained at 10 tens of thousands less, so what is the reason for this situation? We start from the structure of Shanghai dragon why forum, you pay attention you will find www. Shanghai dragon why贵族宝贝 home address above information are not nearly in recent years the basic change, Shanghai dragon related all the basic problems are listed. Then in the column page created a BBS should be said that most of the sites are included the column page BBS page included. Single page page overall kept 140 thousand included about. By the end of September 18, 2011 Shanghai dragon why forum in the number of information index in Shanghai is 140000 of the whole love. We take a look at several other training institutions of the forum page included.Site:www.im286贵族宝贝 laggards webmaster forum with 1720000 page number is cited hesso. The site:bbs.28tui贵族宝贝28tui forum is included in 327000. to see the industry quite good collection of stationmaster net site:www.admin5贵族宝贝 webmaster net index number is 154000. That is to say the index is the largest laggards forum. Shanghai Longfeng revision why is early in the planning.

so we decided to talk about in a few years does not change the stability of the website today to carry out a large-scale revision of what is the reason for the husband is the top management of Shanghai dragon why forum under? We all know that Shanghai dragon why is the Shanghai dragon relevant basic entry best forum, and popularity is quite popular. There are a lot of people in the Shanghai dragon why training course. In recent years all kinds of webmaster forums, websites such as webmaster like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared in succession, and >


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