, is in the Links place, did not put a link on the page, but put a JS file. We should know that the search engine index file JS temporarily or not. This method may be rarely used now.

solution: if you check with your site links page of the source file, see the "< a href=贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝> < /a > your link;;" this text. However, when you see this link with rel=" nofollow". A "< a nofollow" href=贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝; rel=" > < /a > your link;". So that this link is not the value of the exchange.

is to tell search engines not to give the link weight, if such a link, with no change as equals.


solution: as long as the site with your links page, view the source file, if you did not find the link, such as "< a href=贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝; > your /a link < >" such words, but this kind of a xx.js file in the link place, there is a JS form.

with pleasure, Chuaizhe tired body. Have input into the new 2012. Here I wish A5 happy new year and all the webmaster friends, linfe. The first article is about the new year cheating, only hope that in the new 2012, to understand the stationmaster a little reminder. Set out the method of Links cheating and how to find Links cheating methods. If all understand webmaster please drifting away, if there do not understand the webmaster please, thank you.

2, the framework of cheating

DNS analysis of the most basic function is to intelligently judge users access to your web site, and then according to the different visitors to your domain are parsed into different IP address.

4, by DNS analysis of

this method with JS form a similar place, but the JS file into a frame.

cheatingA link called JS

1, JS

solution: with JS form of cheating for almost, but you no longer see the JS file, but a frame containing a page form.

If the visitor is

3, rel=" nofollow"

cheatingThis form of

Netcom users, D>

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