may have a lot of people think that the relationship between the basic idea of Shanghai dragon has nothing to do with the number, we Shanghai dragon every day to engage a lot of things done, when it comes to inaction or somewhat impractical or have no relevance. But I do not think, Lao Tzu proposed inaction is not really not as things, but we can conform to the law of things, with no distractions, imitation of nature, the law of things to better use, combined with their own understanding and make appropriate action on the actual work, so do things nature more effort.

for search engine optimization ranking, keyword selection of prime importance, it is related to the search ranking correlation. If the error of core keywords positioning, it is also a problem of the optimization plan. And we in the website keyword selection problem above, more mastery of Taoist thought, conform to the objective law of things, look from the user’s search angle to find effective keywords, not because their work often contact some kind of products, we think users will search keywords to industry terminology.

Internet generated every day innumerable new website, every webmaster want to own website on the Internet among the vast sea and become an independent school website design style, a few years ago are in favor of the style of Yu Yanli. But this layout style have given users bring aesthetic feeling Bilao, part of the site has become self defeating color clutter, even give people a feeling of copycat. The design of the website sometimes like a person’s appearance, made up a lot of time to feel fresh and elegant little flashy without substance, often have unexpected effects.

three, with the white hat Shanghai dragon to do business website, never cheat

Chinese as a long history of Utah country, Chinese culture is so broad and profound, and every year there are many foreign scholars visiting China, learning and communication with Chinese scholars. The crystallization of the Chinese nation for thousands of years of civilization, in addition to the core of the Confucian culture, but also contains other cultural forms, such as Taoist culture, Buddhist culture and so on. The basic idea of Taoist inaction is Chinese an ancient ruling theory, but also many businessmen from ancient to modern times must learn the wisdom of doing business.


has a good brand image of the enterprise through a very long time accumulated achievements, the optimization process or site weight similarly improve the process is the same, as long as we ensure good website content quality, weight and ranking of websites are soon will improve, Xiaobian found a lot of original content the website, if not how the construction of the external links is very good in the keywords in the search engine rankings, we set up open > from the corporate website

two, normal distribution, there is no accumulation phenomenon


, a web design layout of natural

then what should how to use inaction ideas to implement the optimization of Shanghai dragon

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