brewing for two years, Facebook has finally launched its secret weapon – map search (Graph Search). The social graph search is closely related with the user’s search, Zuckerberg said, with the traditional web search is different it can answer very specific questions, including people, places, pictures and interests of four elements. Facebook said that although for most people, the search results are generally the same, but the search results can be personalized to the show. Facebook also stressed that the map search will not leak any privacy, you can only search for others to share content. When the user can not find the answer from the search, web search results will be displayed.



library search and web search are very different. Web search is designed for keyword search, and provide the best possible results match the keyword. In Facebook the most frequently asked is "who this person is," social search is a direct answer to the gallery. Library search is a phrase or sentence, for example: "my friend in Shanghai, have been shared on Facebook related characters, locations, photos and other content. Last year, Google, Sogou love Shanghai has launched a similar function as a complement to traditional search, Google knowledge map (Knowledge, Graph), love Shanghai entity search Sogou knowledge cube, all belong to this type of semantic search based on the Encyclopedia of knowledge; and map search based on Facebook have the world’s large user the group is based on the social semantic search. Semantic love Shanghai Google search can search to search whether celebrity celebrity, Facebook Gallery roots can help you find out.

The user is king search?


local search

social semantic search based on

local search is probably one of the most dramatic events. Facebook can according to the recommendation of friends, "love", to find the local hotels, law firms and other information to the user, much like Yelp and Foursquare, the local recommendation engine. Fecebook exit Gallery > day search

now, Facebook map search results will only display include tasks, photos, location and interest. Here are some Facebook Gallery search.

What is the

it depends heavily on the "love" and sharing, for each user to determine how to display the most relevant search results. Unlike the traditional search engine is mainly based on the principle of link recommendation, although many search engines have begun to pay attention to social sharing and recommendation.

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