of the original, I was no longer mentioned, it is Chen Mazi rotten millet, if your article is not original, why not say love Shanghai Xinghuo plan how you stand, since it has been reduced. To ensure the quality of the article, after I found the number of articles and statistics, it is an important point, I summed up the number of articles is best kept at more than 2000 words is to let the search engine is very love, correlation and must fit the website. On the other point is to stabilize the update here, according to my statistics, in the evening (after 10) or morning (before 6) input website update, the effect is quite good, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I was ready to do so, a hard-working webmaster, it is good.


The chain

but I did not retreat, like right down in my leyuanbaby贵族宝贝, my efforts were not in vain. I can say to them as a target to search engine, we treat everyone is the same, as long as the same method, I have no reason to say no to catch them, then I will first analyze how I can catch people’s footsteps, I watched Xu Duowen chapter, most of them are about within a short time the new station to do good rankings, from these articles, I summed up four really useful information and share it with everyone here:


The length of The

station is a Shanghai Phoenix blog, WordPress program based on the name said: Shanghai dragon road. Throughout the Internet, Shanghai dragon Hot Blog is really beyond count, "Xiao Jun, a Shanghai dragon day Shanghai dragon blog" the blog is not only a good webmaster, it is a highly skilled worker to Shanghai dragon, I stand over them, I hope the slim people staggering about.

in a new station on the line at the beginning, I always think it is too early to talk about the chain, yes, we don’t have a lot to do outside the chain, I think to be a 5, 6 is good! Yes, five or six more than 6 of the weight of the chain will give you the website directly from the start little more than others, I did not teach you to link. As for the platform, like Shanghai, Sina know, stationmaster net and so on are very good platform, but in the construction of the chain need to note.

how to do a the bright younger generation in a certain industry? If not so simple, but at least we have is young. The author of the new Shanghai Longfeng Road on the line for over a week, no special attention of the search engine, although I is the content of the original, though I was a simple procedure. But in this one starting point, I began to think, how can I stand over the famous old station! Not my great ambition, not my eyes, I think, dare to think, dare to try, even if it is a failure, it will gain a lot.

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